5 ways to decorate your pumpkin this Halloween #yourpumpkin

There are so many different ways that you can decorate a pumpkin other than just carving!

Carving a pumpkin is a popular tradition and a fun idea to do with your family!

But this Halloween you can be the envy of your friends with an original design from our top five different ways to decorate your pumpkin.

Enjoy the spooktacular fun and please share any images of your wonderful creations with us @TigerSheds #yourpumpkin

5. Jewels

Image Credits: Beneathmyheart.net
Image Credits: Beneathmyheart.net

Shopping List:

Jewels and sequins



Very simple idea as all you need to do is paint your pumpkin, stencil on some designs and finally jazz it up with some jewels and sequins.

You can create all different kinds of patterns and the pumpkins can even be used as beautiful decoration for around the home!

4. Painted Faces

Fun Faces
Image Credits: pixabay.com/

Shopping List:

Black, red, white paint

This idea is brilliant as it’s so easy!

When carving a pumpkin it can be messy, especially with young children, but with paint it should be more straight forward and most children will find it easier to paint on a pumpkin than to carve one.

3. Spray Paint

Image Credits: misdwestliving.com
Image Credits: misdwestliving.com

Shopping List:

Spray Paint

Decorative Pieces 

Spray painting a pumpkin is a really effective way to decorate your pumpkin.

There’s all sorts of different colours and effects you can use depending on what look you’re going for!

However, this should always be done outside as it can get a little messy.

2. Glitter

Image Credits: staticflickr.com

Shopping List:

Glitter, glitter and even more glitter!


Can be another messy idea but looks so amazing!

Perfect if you want to decorate your home for a Halloween party as this will create that party feel.

1. Create your favourite Disney characters

Image Credits: onthegoinmco.com
Image Credits: onthegoinmco.com
Image Credits: craftymorning.com
Image Credits: craftymorning.com

Shopping List:

Paints – in the colour of your character

Character stencil or design

Additional Accessories 

This is our favourtie idea as children will love it!

Plus it’s so creative! You could even run competitions to see who can do the best.

If you’re not too great at painting then you can find some great stencils online to offer a helping hand.

Do you have an original idea on decorating a pumpkin this year? Share your images with us @TigerSheds #yourpumpkin


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