Five Garden Updates that can Devalue a Home

Published: 27/06/2023

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We all love to get out and about in our gardens once the sun is shining and homeowners across the UK are busily sprucing up their gardens by updating their garden furniture, repainting and preserving their garden rooms, and planting fresh summer bedding.  

The general condition of garden features such as sheds, log cabins, summerhouses, fences and how well a garden is maintained, can quickly turn away potential buyers. It takes the average home buyer just 10 seconds to form an opinion about a property, so kerb appeal and garden design could make or break a sale.

There are several garden modifications that are deemed ‘not attractive’ to potential buyers and could devalue your home.  Of course, there are numerous things that might affect a property's value, but many people might not be aware that certain garden projects or features could be lowering home values and scaring off potential buyers.

It’s worth reading on if you’re considering putting your home on the market.  Here are five garden updates to be aware of…

Large Water Features

Large water features such as fountains can provide a romantic touch and are fantastic for attracting wildlife, but many people find them to be too much trouble. This is because potential buyers worry about the upkeep needed and ongoing expenses, such as water, energy, and chemicals.  Many homeowners view water features as more of a luxury and potentially a hassle as opposed to a benefit.

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Unloved Garden Buildings

Old and damaged sheds, log cabins, summerhouses and other garden buildings that are in poor condition will create a lasting negative impression.  

Unattractive flaws like broken windows, peeling paint, or mossy roofs can warn potential buyers that they will have to deal with these issues. It’s important for homeowners to take the time to choose a high quality shed or garden room that will stand the test of time.

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Choosing the right timber for your garden building is the first step in increasing its longevity. Timbers that are slow grown over a longer period will have a tighter grain and naturally will be more airtight to block out moisture from varying levels of humidity, which means your garden building will be likely to last a lot longer.

Poorer, rougher finished, thinner cladding boards or timber logs are likely to be used in lower grade sheds, log cabins, and summerhouses.  Many garden sheds available today cannot match to the excellent quality materials used in Tiger Sheds garden building range.

A wooden shed on a deck, Tiger Shiplap Apex Shed, Tongue and Groove cladding, potted plants, brick wall

Tongue and groove cladding used for sheds like the Tiger Shiplap Apex Shed above, is better at preventing the wind and rain from entering the building. A cheaper shed may use OSB (oriented strand board) for the flooring and roof, although this has the drawback that the sheets expand when exposed to moisture and damp environments.

You’ll also need to consider the framing of a shed carefully because a thicker framework will produce a more durable building.  When comparing sheds, pay attention to the framing size since this is what gives the structure its strength, stability, and durability.  There are choices to increase the thickness of the framing, such as heavy duty 58x44mm framing.  28mm x 44mm framing is our standard shed frame, which is over an inch thick and very sturdy.

A wooden shed with a door open, paved patio, potted plants, pent roof shed, tongue and groove cladding

A picture containing wooden shed framing, shed frame, Rounded Four Corner Framing

Tiger Sheds | 28x44mm Finish Rounded Four Corner Framing

You can even hideaway and secure your wheelie bins with a useful garden bin store to make your garden even neater in time for those house viewings.

A picture containing a Tiger Sheds Bin Store, Bin Shed, paved garden, timber bin store

Maintenance of garden rooms is inevitable, but sealing wood is one of the most crucial and straightforward ways to guard it from unavoidable weather damage such as water, moisture and varying temperatures.  You can maintain your shed quickly and easily by using a high-quality wooden shed paint or shed preservative. Do you like a shed, log cabin, or summerhouse with a natural wooden finish? The TigerSkin® Clear Wood Protector treatment is ideal in that situation. It's simple to implement and can contribute to your shed lasting longer than the 20-year Tiger warranty.

A garden room that is kept in good condition can raise the value of your home. You can also style and transform your garden room into a home office or an extra room separate from the main property so that it will benefit potential purchasers and give your house an edge over others.

A larger, high-grade garden room like the Procas Log Cabin, might increase the value of your home by thousands of pounds! Similar, to adding a new garden room, upgrading your existing log cabin with electricity outlets, running water, and Wi-Fi will increase the value of your home.

A picture containing outdoor, Tiger Sheds Procas Log Cabin, Log Cabin, garden, deck, potted plants, trees, outdoor, sky

Check out our article ‘Does a garden building add value to my property?’ where we take a look at the potential value different types of garden buildings might add to your property and the qualities that potential buyers might look for.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has become popular over time as it’s much easier to maintain.  There’s no need to mow it and it’s less likely to need weeding! However, potential house buyers who are avid gardeners and some pet owners consider artificial grass to be a no-go. Not only is it expensive to remove but reinstalling natural grass is expensive per square meter (typically £150 per square meter) and therefore prospective buyers might try and recover this cost when making an offer on your home.  

A picture containing a lawn mower, grass, cut grass

Broken Garden Fences

While broken or damaged fences actively lower the value of your home, fences themselves do not raise the price of a property.

A picture containing a broken wooden fence slat

Potential homebuyers view a fence as a necessity since it makes a garden much more private and secluded, keeps kids safe, and prevents pets from escaping. New fences are expensive, therefore damaged or shoddy panels can cause a property's value to drop by as much as £1,000.

Unstable Decking

To enhance the appearance of their gardens, many Brits love to install decking. While high-quality decking will increase a home's worth, decking that is in bad shape will have a negative effect.

If the wood is rotting or cracked, it can cause a variety of issues, including the inability to safely walk on it.

A picture containing a broken wooden deck, decking, timber decking

This is likely to be a problem for prospective buyer, and their offer will reflect this.  So, prior to going on the market, keep the decking maintained and have a specialist come and fix the rotting wood and cracks if need be.

It’s fair to say that the general state of a garden and it’s features such as sheds, fences, and how well a garden is maintained, can potentially drive away prospective buyers. Kerb appeal and garden design could make or break a sale so it’s time to give your garden some much deserved TLC and get ready to welcome lots of happy potential buyers to view your property.

The wonderful thing about a Tiger garden buildings is that it can be used for just about anything, limited only by your imagination. LIVING, STORAGE, WORKING, GARDENING, PLAY, WORKOUT & PET SPACE... Let us inspire your next space and give your garden an upgrade.

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