Does a Garden Building Add Value to my Property?

Published: 16/01/2023

Tiger log cabin home office with potted plants and garden deck

The post-pandemic ‘search for space’ has driven many homeowners to create more living and storage space by means of building summerhouses, luxurious log cabins and garden sheds.  

You might well have found yourself wondering: just how much value does a garden building add to a property?

We can’t be exact with figures as it depends on many important factors including the overall size, structure, finish, and condition.  There are some many variables to consider… but what we can say for certain is that by adding a garden room of any type to your property, you have great potential to enhance your property value. Some studies show that installing a quality, premium garden building can add in the region of 5-8% to the value of your property.   It will also give your home a wider appeal and make it a more interesting and saleable option for potential buyers.  You could argue that the more saleable you make your property, the more valuable it is.

The price a garden building adds to the value of your home is really based upon how far you want to go with it and as mentioned above the final size, building design, finish, and condition will determine this.   Another thing you might want to consider is if you access it without going through the house.  This gives you greater potential to rent out your garden building space and make some extra cash.

But not all garden rooms are the same, and in this article, we'll look at the potential value different types of buildings might add to your property and the qualities that potential buyers might look for.

Does a Shed Add Value to my Home?

Sheds have a broad appeal to house buyers because they offer that all-important benefit: storage.

If your property boasts a shed such as the Tiger Elite Pressure Treated Apex Shed, estate agents and potential buyers will recognise the benefits of being able to securely store bicycles, lawnmowers and garden equipment in such a high-quality garden building.

Tiger Elite Pressure Treated Shed in garden with potted plants and open door

Larger sheds such as the Tiger Workman Apex, pictured below, can add even more value to your property, given that a shed of this size and capacity can easily be used as a workshop or even as an office. 

Tiger Workman Apex Shed with double doors and windows on patio

Does a Summerhouse Add Value to my Home?

A summerhouse might sound like a more valuable addition to a property than a humble shed, but how much value a summerhouse adds to your home depends on its size, its quality, and its presentation.

If well maintained, a product such as the Tiger Summerhouse (pictured below) will give potential house buyers a clear sense that there is space in the property's garden that can be used as an office, an art space, a design studio, or as a great entertaining space.

As with a shed, it is likely that the amount of value added to your property by a well-maintained summerhouse will match what you paid for the product.

Tiger Summerhouse with Apex roof and double doors in garden with hedge and grass

Does a Log Cabin Add Value to my Home?

Larger garden building such as the Amur log cabin could add thousands of pounds to the value of your property.

Tiger Amur Log Cabin with porch with decking area, grass and potted plants 

Tiger Amur Log Cabin interior home office with desk and chair

If you have added electrical points, running water and Wi-Fi to your log cabin, it will add value to your property in a similar way to building an extension.

Since the boom in garden offices and log cabins that occurred because of the coronavirus pandemic, and people wanting a garden and an extra space for work, rest or play, it has been estimated that installing a garden building suitable for all year-round use, has the potential to bring you a huge amount of value; potentially 5-8% increase in property value.  So, whether you are looking to rent out your property or sell soon, or not, this kind of investment is more than likely to add value to your home so you can make a profit, but you can also enjoy the escapism your garden building gives you in the meantime.

Tiger Caspian Log Cabin in garden with patio, tree and plants

The Tiger Caspian Log cabin makes a perfect home office

If you’re interested to know how much property in your area could be worth, you can read this helpful article by Metro to find out more.  It’s also worth speaking to a local estate agent for local market trends and property values too. 

Top Tip! Don’t forget that if you’re selling a property with a garden room, make sure you clear it out and it doesn’t look like a storage shed.  It’s also a good idea to prop it as a useable living space, add some good exterior lighting and ask the estate agent to incorporate it into the floorplan.

Find or design your perfect garden space with Tiger. We are an award-winning garden building expert that you can trust because of our innovative designs, high quality sustainable products which are made in Yorkshire, our 20 year guarantee and great service.

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