Tiger Spotlight | Hayley Stuart, DIY & Interiors Blogger

Published: 30/01/2024

Tiger Sheds Persian Log Cabin with Georgian Windows, garden

We're excited to feature Hayley from @iamhayleystuart in our latest Tiger Spotlight!

Hayley is an incredible DIY and interiors blogger who has won numerous awards. Hayley's home is stunning, blending bohemian and modern décor in a unique way. Her talent for creating colourful spaces is truly remarkable!

Hayley Stuart DIY & Interiors Blogger Self Portrait

With a strong aspiration to design a tranquil and enjoyable outdoor space, Hayley has successfully crafted a breathtaking garden sanctuary that effortlessly merges with her existing garden. This charming haven offers a warm and inviting sanctuary for loved ones, creating the perfect spot to unwind and entertain.

Keep reading to discover more about Hayley's log cabin adventure…

 “I was determined to invest in quality to ensure that I could enjoy my garden room for years to come”.

Why Did You Choose Tiger? 

After conducting my research, I discovered that Tiger offers an amazing price point, receives excellent reviews, and provides a wide range of high-quality products. I was determined to invest in quality to ensure that I could enjoy my garden room for years to come, and Tiger seemed to perfectly embody this.

Which Tiger Log Cabin Did You Choose and Why?

I decided on the 10x10 Persian Log Cabin as my top choice. What caught my attention was its square shape and the beautiful Georgian windows and doors. I also took into consideration how well it would fit in our garden and suit our family's needs. The thought of sitting inside with the doors wide open really appealed to me. My plan was to transform the Tiger log cabin into a relaxing spot during the summer and a cosy retreat during the winter, complete with a bio ethanol fire.

A dog sleeping on a sofa in a log cabin

Did You Build the Cabin Yourself?

We laid a solid concrete foundation and then my dad and I constructed the cabin. To our delight, the entire building process was incredibly hassle-free. Thankfully, my dad had prior experience in assembling garden structures, but even without it, the instructions were straightforward, and all the necessary parts were included, making it an extremely positive experience. 

Here are some photos from the build .. you can view the full reel on Instagram here 

A collage of people building a Tiger Sheds log cabin

 “It has become my new favourite place to be”.

How Has Your Tiger Garden Room Benefited You?

It’s added an entire room on to our home and It’s given us a calm space to chill out in.  I didn’t realise how much we would use it. It’s become my new favourite place to be.  I also intend to work in my new cabin too!

A tiger log cabin interior with sofa, rug

How Did you Choose to Preserve and Personalise your Tiger?

I applied a wood preserver initially, followed by a soft green paint on the exterior and a subtle pink shade on the interior. Additionally, I incorporated stencilled designs on the inner side of the doors to add my own design style.

log cabin stencilled doors

“I used various items that I already had, such as a sofa, a shelf, artwork, a rug, and plenty of plants to create a stylish look that brings the outdoors inside!”

A tiger sheds persian log cabin interior, boho style, sofa, rug, table, plants

 Would You Recommend Tiger?

I absolutely recommend Tiger without a doubt. I've already done so! The best part was how hassle-free it was. Plus, I had a great time personalising the cabin to match my own unique style.


Hayley now has a stunning garden room that serves as an inviting and versatile entertaining and workspace. The cabin seamlessly integrates with the garden, providing a picturesque backdrop for various activities, from casual family gatherings to larger celebrations with friends. The thoughtful combination of design and comfort ensures that the log cabin is a year-round haven for entertainment and relaxation.

The wonderful thing about a Tiger Sheds garden building is that it can be used for just about anything, limited only by your imagination. LIVING, STORAGE, WORKING, GARDENING, PLAY, WORKOUT & PET SPACE... Let us inspire your next space and give your garden an upgrade.

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