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Bespoke Sheds

Bespoke Design & BuildAll our sheds are hand crafted to order, but if you need something special we can help you add your personality into your perfect space.

Our expertise means that we can also offer a bespoke design and build service, if your requirements for your shed mean it needs additional features or a different size. From just adding an extra window, to something completely original, just let us know. As we mill the timber ourselves, we can be much more flexible than the competition – and much more creative!

Call our Bespoke Sales Team on - 0113 205 4189
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They will be happy to create a specification for you, and provide you with specially-designed plans for you to approve.


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The TıgerFlex® range of versatile shed designs are tough, innovative and flexible. Hand-made in Yorkshire with high grade timber, our trademark treatment and Tiger 20 Year Guarantee, they adjust to suit your needs and are built to last.

Our bestselling TigerFlex® sheds are perfect for when you need a shed, and you want it your way. You can choose where you want to put your walls, windows and doors  – single or double – so that they are the best fit for your needs. And all delivered on the day you choose, too!

TigerFlex® sheds are renowned for their strength, style and durability because they have been buillt in Britain to last for decades, backed up by the market-leading Tiger 20 Year Guarantee.

Tiger Sheds

Call our Bespoke Sales Team on - 0113 205 4189
or simply click the button below:


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