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20 Year Guarantee

Built To Last

All Tiger buildings are made to the same high standards, with the same high quality materials and with the same dedicated care by the craftsmen in our Yorkshire workshops – so they all get the same market leading Tiger 20 Year Guarantee. No other guarantee comes close.

Tiger 20 Year Guarantee

Tiger 20 Year Guarantee

The TIGER 20 year guarantee offers protection against general timber rot and decay – the guarantee does not cover the product against timber splits or warping which may occur naturally over time.

To maintain the validity of this guarantee the product must be assembled strictly in accordance with the instructions supplied, treated annually both inside and out with an appropriate high quality preservative and all glazing units must be sealed, inside and out, with silicone or other watertight sealant. For more information on how to correctly assemble and maintain your garden building please consult our comprehensive help centre.

The TIGER 20 year guarantee will be deemed invalid if:

  • The product has not been assembled correctly by the end user – please see our product assembly section.
  • The base upon which the product is assembled is not suitable - all buildings should be assembled on a firm and level base constructed from a suitable material – please see our build a base guide.
  • The product has not been treated annually both inside and out with an appropriate high quality preservative – please see our product maintenance section.
  • Any windows have not been sealed, inside and out, with silicone or other watertight sealant - please see our product maintenance section.
  • The product has been customised or adapted in any way.
  • At any point after assembly the building has been in contact with any trees, plants or exterior walls which could allow moisture to penetrate the timber.
  • Any timber has been cut, pierced or drilled without a subsequent application of approved cut-end treatment.
  • The eventual claimant was not the original purchaser of the product.
  • The roofing felt or covering has been damaged or incorrectly fitted allowing water ingress – please see our product assembly section.

Please note: timber is a natural product and prone to changes in appearance, including some movement, warping and splitting, particularly in extreme weather conditions. This will not affect the structural integrity of the product – this is natural and is not covered by a guarantee.

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