Meet the Tiger Team | Dave Hansell, Warehouse Senior Operative

Published: 22/01/2024

Dave Hansell Tiger Sheds Warehouse Senior Operative

Welcome to our newest edition of "Meet the Tiger Team" blog! Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Dave Hansell, our exceptional Warehouse Senior Operative, here at Tiger Sheds!

Dave's days are a thrilling adventure, as he swiftly moves from one department to another, all with a single mission in mind: ensuring Tiger quality. Behind every successful shed delivery, you can count on Dave to meticulously load, secure, and prepare everything for a seamless journey right to your doorstep. He truly is an invaluable asset to our team!

Now, let's dive deeper and get to know Dave a little better. 

Tell Us a Bit About Yourself?

I've got a pair of kids and a dozen grandkids - spending time with the grandkids is always a blast. TV is my thing, and right now I'm hooked on Brassic, it's a riot. I've got two life mottos: first, "live life and be happy," and second, "never turn down a kebab or a pizza." My ultimate dream is to retire in Tenerife. I adore Britain, but I could use a bit more sunshine in my life!

What is Your Role at Tiger?

There are so many things I do! I've been with the company for quite a while and have had the opportunity to work in various roles. Now, I have a flexible role where I assist different teams in the shed and summerhouse workshop. My focus is to ensure that the quality standards are maintained at all times.

Describe a Typical Day at Tiger?

My days usually revolve around providing support and advice to any department that requires it. Lately, I have been primarily focused on the loading yard as ensuring the delivery of a high-quality shed doesn't end once it's completed in the workshop.


Tiger Sheds customer review

What Motivates You?

Honestly, it's difficult to express in words. I'm an extremely diligent individual with a can-do mindset, so I suppose it's the exhilaration I feel when I transform from can-do to done-well!

What's the Best Part of Your Job?

Making an impact on each team I support; when I can see the team performance improve, and the ratings go from very good to great, knowing that I have helped make that difference is a great feeling.

Tiger Sheds Customer Review

How Long Have You Worked at Tiger?

I have been here for many years… well before Tiger went online. Not since 1913 though, obviously! About 29 years – so it’s good to pass on my experience.

What Has Been Your Favourite Project?

It’s hard to pick one out really, I have been involved in so many things since I have been here. Of the recent stuff, I helped with a project to make our instructions the best around and it’s good to see the positive comments from customers about how easy our sheds go together. I once put up a shed for Prince Naseem, the boxer – that was memorable too.

Tiger Sheds How To Build a Shed Video

What Are You Most Proud of in Your Work at Tiger?

It has been fantastic to witness Tiger's continuous growth as a company. From establishing an online presence and being featured on Wayfair, to creating impressive brochures and winning prestigious awards, not to mention showcasing our products at the RHS - it's all incredible. And let's not forget the thrill of seeing our advertisements on TV during Corrie! However, what truly fills me with joy is knowing the vital role I play alongside the other workshop teams in constructing the actual buildings. Despite our expansion and gaining numerous new customers, it's remarkable to think that about 1 in 6 orders still come from loyal customers who have previously purchased from us. This is a testament to the exceptional quality of our work.

Tiger Sheds RHS show stand, sheds, grass, planters

What Do You Like About Working at Tiger?

There is always something interesting to do, and the people are decent. 

What’s Your Favourite Tiger Building?

I am a big fan of the Tiger Workman workshops: there is just something about them that I find incredibly appealing. It's great to know that I'm not the only one who feels this way, as they are quite popular. Recently, I suggested to enhance the design, and I'm thrilled to see that it has been implemented. Now, the Workman is even better crafted!

A Tiger Sheds Workman Shed, windows, double doors, garden, grass

A Tiger Sheds Workman Pent Shed with open double doors windows, grass, patio

It's been wonderful getting acquainted with Dave and discovering more about his role at Tiger!

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