A Great Idea Was Hatched from a Tiger

Published: 03/07/2023

A picture containing a shed exterior, timber, wooden sign

After doing loads of research online and looking at traditional chicken coops, Amanda set her heart on creating her own perfect chicken space by converting a 7x3 Tiger Pent Bike Store.  Amanda knew the bike store would be perfect and an ‘egg-cellent’ foundation for her hen house.  Here she tells us all about it…

Drawn to Tiger’s Quality

Amanda says “I came across Tiger Sheds when searching for a shed online. I found the website easy to use and had all the information needed and I found it very clear.  I was drawn to Tiger Sheds for their quality and 20-year Tiger guarantee”.

Just as Expected and More…

Amanda continues, “I found that the garden building was exactly as I expected it was going to be based off the website description and customer reviews. There were no hidden surprises or differences in quality, the wood is great, and ultimately the Tiger Pent Bike Store was going to be suitable for my chicken coop and could be adapted for my needs”.

A picture containing shed, bike shed, hen house, chicken coop, chicken run, flowers, hens

Very Happy with the Tiger Service

Amanda advised us, “I am very happy with the Tiger service and cannot think of any improvements regarding this. The communication was great throughout the whole order process with constant updates being provided. I was also very pleased with the delivery driver and the delivery service”.

A picture containing hen house, outside, chickens, plants, lavender, chicken run

A Customisable Space

Amanda advises, “I went for the Tiger Pent Bike Store because I could see how this could be customisable and made into the chicken coop that I imagined. The bike store was easy to adapt and is well suited for use as a chicken coop compared to other, specific chicken coops that I had been searching for online.  My family and I built the shed and found that it was very easy to put together as we had all the information needed for the build to run smoothly.”

A picture containing chicken coop interior, nesting boxes, sawdust, shelf

As Amanda has repurposed the shed to be used as a chicken coop, she has made some modifications such as adding an electronic small side door for the chickens come in or ‘eggs-it’ the shed, cleverly utilised the Tiger 3ft and 7ft Tiger Wall Mount Shelving Kits, added chicken roosts, nesting boxes and an air vent as the shed will get very warm in Summer., and a safe chicken run around the coop to give the hens space to ‘eggs-plore’!

A picture containing hen house interior, shed, perches, shelves, nesting boxes, sawdust

When buying or building a coop it’s important to keep your chickens safe, warm and dry, with access to a secure chicken run.  A Tiger Shed offers a high-grade sustainable timber structure of shiplap cladding, which is superior tongue and groove timber board with a flush-fit finish. Each smooth, solid plank is 12mm thick with scalloping to help prevent water ingress and dipped in TigerSkin®, a specially formulated preservative, developed over many years – for a non-greasy weatherproof seal. A Tiger Shed is built to last with a 20 year guarantee.

All in, Amanda’s plan to turn a Tiger Pent Bike Store into her very own ‘Cluckingham Palace’ is an egg-cellent ideal! Who would have thought?

A picture containing a Tiger Shed Pent Bike Store, exterior, wooden sign

Find or design your perfect space with Tiger. We are an award-winning garden building expert that you can trust because of our innovative designs, high quality sustainable products which are made in Yorkshire, our marketing leading 20 year guarantee and great service.

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