Meet the Tiger Team | Agata Choma, Head of Operations

Published: 17/07/2023

A picture containing Agata Choma, Head of Operations, Factory, Workshop, Tiger Sheds

Introducing Agata Choma, our Head of Operations here at Tiger. Agata is the force behind the scenes that ensures all our operational activities are running smoothly. From strategic planning to making sure everyone’s aware of best operational practices to implementing new systems and technologies, Agata works hard to make sure Tiger is working productively.

What is Your Role at Tiger?

I am the Head of Operations, so I am responsible for our timber mill, the production teams, the warehouse, suppliers, logistics and our transport fleet of vans and lorries. Basically, I am responsible for getting your order delivered to you correctly. I am also accountable for the facilities in all our Yorkshire sites.

Can You Tell Us a Bit About Yourself?

I have lived in Yorkshire for just under 20 years – I think I can understand the locals now, though I haven’t quite mastered the accent! I have a teenage daughter – I can’t tell you who is harder to manage, her or the 100+ people in my teams, but I am proud of all of them. Both roles are extremely rewarding, and I wouldn’t change them. 

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Can You Describe a Typical Day at Tiger?

There are two parts to my day really. The biggest part is devoted to supporting my operational teams in performing to their best, so that we can meet our customers’ expectations. They are well-trained and professional, so they know what they must do - usually it’s a case of managing unusual or unexpected challenges or helping them to find right solutions. 

The second part is focused on how we can develop and improve what we do to be even better: more efficient processes, additional training or investing in new tools - things like that can take a lot of research and planning.

A picture containing ariel view of Woodlands Home & Garden Group,  Rodley, Leeds, fields, factory

Image – Rodley, Leeds Workshop & Head Office

What Motivates You?

In my opinion we make the best buildings around, pound for pound, and so we need to have the best people and processes making them. So, I am always striving to be the best I can be. Settling for less doesn’t set a good example.

What’s the Best Part of Your Job?

When I see the good work that my teams produce. We develop a lot of new ideas and new designs, and we offer a very wide range of garden buildings to customers. But we also develop our people – and watching them grow and achieve new roles and responsibilities makes me very proud.

How Long Have You Worked at Tiger?

Nearly 4 years now. I am looking forward to the next 4!

What Has Been Your Favourite Project?

There have been so many! I think setting up our new dedicated cabin workshop, because the old one had run out of space, that was quite a challenge. Now it looks great and is working well.

What Are You Most Proud of in Your Work So Far at Tiger?

I think what I am most proud of coping with the pandemic and the challenges it presented – we made sure everyone could work safely and made a lot of changes that helped to make our whole business better under very difficult circumstances. But that is not just my work – it came from everybody at Tiger.

What Do You Like About Working at Tiger?

As cheesy as it sounds – helping people develop and reach their full potential.

What’s Your Favourite Tiger Building?

I like the modular 19mm cabins like The Moda and The Nova. They are quite unique in their design, nobody else does log cabins that are so flexible with windows and doors that can be moved around. It’s a range with 7 models now, and we designed and developed it from an idea to reality.

A picture containing the Tiger Sheds Moda 19mm log cabin, garden, modular shed

A picture containing a Tiger Sheds 19mm Nova TigerFlex modular log cabin, garden, patio, plants

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Agata and finding out more about her responsibilities at Tiger!   Don't miss out on next week's profile, in which we introduce you to a different member of the Tiger Team.

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