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Find your Perfect Garden Storage Space

Published: 15/05/2023

TigerFlex Tiger Sheds Pent Bike Shed

Let’s talk garden storage…

Organising your garden can be a tricky task, but there’s an array of garden storage to choose from in all shapes and sizes to make life easier.

Storage space is a key consideration when planning your garden.  From shed storage to log storage, bin storage to bike storage and wooden garages too, there’s lots of useful garden storage ideas making sure you have room for everything you need. 

Without further ado, here are some quick and easy ways to enhance your garden storage space.

Find your Perfect Tool Storage

A Tiger wooden tool chest in garden with open lid and tools and garden cushions stored inside chest

Garden space at a premium?

A wooden garden tool chest is a simple way to add storage and offers easily accessible, secure and dry storage for your tools or outdoor cushions.

Or, for an even smaller garden, think tall with a clever tool tower or tool shed, so you don’t overwhelm your space.  A compact place to store items such as lawnmowers and gardening equipment or get creative and make it into your very own garden bar!   Perfect for a back yard, side of the house or the bottom of the garden, it’s a versatile design that suits all spaces.

A picture containing a Tiger Wooden Tool Tower painted in soft green in garden with flower pots and garden lantern

A picture containing a Tiger Timber Tool Tower in garden on patio with open door and watering can and tools inside

You can make your tool storage work even harder by adding some useful shelf storage. You can even opt for double doors to make life easier and put everything in easy reach.

A picture containing a Tiger Overlap Wooden Toolshed with double open doors and shelf storage inside shed

Find your Perfect Garden Shed

A garden shed is always a reliable storage method, and they come in many different designs. Nowadays you can buy anything from a standard, no-nonsense garden shed to something of higher quality that is built to last.  Look for garden sheds made from high-grade slow grown timber with superior 12mm shiplap tongue and groove cladding, sturdy framing and thick tongue and groove roof and floorboards.

A picture containing a Tiger Shed Shiplap Apex Garden Shed with door open and storage inside

Shiplap Sheds | Wooden Shiplap Garden Sheds | Tiger Sheds

Tiger Tip – Avoid sheds that include cheap sheet materials such as OSB or chipboard – these products offer little protection in the areas where you need it the most, due to their ability to retain moisture, which raises mould and warping concerns.

The corners of our gardens are often undervalued and underused, but you can bring your garden to life with a corner garden shed. You can really make the most of every inch of your outdoor oasis and maximise your garden storage.

A picture containing A Tiger Shed Corner Shed, outdoor, yard, houseplant, flowerpot


Find your Perfect Multifunctional Garden Storage

Did you know it’s even possible to have practical storage with a garden room for relaxing all in one garden building, like the clever Vibrissa Log Cabin. 

Combining a pleasant, light filled garden room for relaxing and separate storage room; it’s an innovative and multifunctional garden room that is flexible to your needs.

A picture containing multifunctional Tiger Sheds Vibrissa log cabin photo montage of interior and exterior, garden room and storage room combined in log cabin

Vibrissa Corner Log Cabin | Tiger Corner Log Cabins | Tiger Sheds

Find your Perfect Bike Storage

Larger than a garden store box, but still neat and compact is a bike shed.   Typically, three quarters the height of a standard apex shed, but still, plenty of room to store multiple bikes, your lawn mower, kids toys and space for a toolbox too.  Bike sheds have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and they show no signs of slowing down!

A picture containing a bicycle in a bike shed with double doors in garden


Find your Perfect Bin Storage

Hideaway and secure your wheelie bins with a useful garden bin store.  

Save yourself hassle by keeping your rubbish sealed and dry.  A bin store is a great way to prevent pests like flies, squirrels, mice, and foxes from invading your wheelie bins. It also prevents your wheelie bins from blowing over in strong winds and is aesthetically more pleasing too.

A picture containing a triple wooden bin store on paved patio next to garden fence

Image – Tiger Sheds Bin Store

Find your Perfect Wooden Garage

If you’re looking for an enormous storage area and somewhere safe to park your car, then a sturdy timber garage with double garage doors offers incredibly versatile space!

Many wooden garages come with an extra side access door and an opening window for extra ventilation too.

A picture containing a car parked inside a Tiger Sheds Wooden Garage with double doors and single side door

A picture containing a tanalised wood garage with double doors, single door side access and window in garden and driveway

Garage Sheds | Prefab Garages | Tiger Sheds

Find your Perfect Garden Workshop

A Workshop Shed is a wooden garden room UK buyers love to use for storage as well as all sorts of practical tasks and activities.

These days, designing and building a fantastic home workshop is simple.  You should take these features into consideration based on the intended use.

  • Do you require large, double doors big enough to move bulky pieces for access?
  • Lighting: Will you require sufficient natural and artificial light to work on small details and ensure your safety when operating any machinery?
  • Will you need to operate any machinery or require extra lighting for use throughout the year?
  • Will you need to open the windows to let fumes and sawdust out of the room?
  • Will you require additional storage or height to work comfortably at roof height?
  • Security is an absolute necessity!

A garden building such as the Tiger Heavyweight Workshop is a strong and sturdy garden building and is the ultimate in versatility.   With an extra high roof ridge, it gives a great feeling of space and makes it much easier and more comfortable to carry out your daily work and means you can store more.

A picture containing a Tiger Sheds Heavyweight Workshop in garden painted in green with white doors, in garden on decking, potted plants

A picture containing a wooden barn shed, gambrel roof, garden, potted plants and grass

Workshop Sheds | Tiger Sheds

Or, a barn style shed with striking gambrel roof offers extra height in the roof space so it’s great for extra high storage.

Find your Perfect Log Store

Shelter your firewood and keep it as dry as possible with a fantastic log store.  

Drier wood creates a stronger, quicker burning fire and will keep you warmer for longer so it’s no-brainer really.  A log store not only protects wood from the rain and ground moisture, it also allows for good air flow between the logs which means it dries quicker. 

A picture containing a wooden log store with logs piled on patio with fence and green ferns


Find your Perfect Modular Garden Storage

If you need something a little bit different to suit your space, then TigerFlex® is the next step in shed design. A range of modular garden shed building kits that lets you choose where you want to install the door and the windows, giving you the flexibility to decide how you want your space to look.  

A picture containing building, lumber, log cabin, house

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A picture containing a modular wooden garden shed, wooden bench in front of a shed, patio with potted plants

A picture containing text, screenshot, tree, design

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With such a wide range of garden storage options available, there really is no excuse for cluttering up rooms inside your house with items that could be safely and securely stored in an attractive, practical, affordable garden building.

A picture containing a four picture montage of different garden storage sheds including a bin store, tool shed, bike shed and garden shed

At Tiger, our complete garden storage collection is packed with products to declutter and organise your life, with high-quality, well-designed garden buildings and products for you to store your gear in.

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