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Summerhouse Inspiration

Summerhouse Inspiration

The right summerhouse can be a great addition to your garden. Perhaps you’ve seen some great-looking summerhouses that could improve the look of your outdoor space (or make it look even better), while also making your garden a nicer place to spend time. 

But if you’re not sure how best to make use of the space, you’re in luck!

Here’s some summerhouse inspiration to get those creative juices flowing… 


A Place to Relax and Unwind

A place to relax and unwind

A popular – and perhaps the most popular – reason for buying a summerhouse is to have a place to relax and unwind. Imagine sitting in your summerhouse with the sun shining through the windows as you sit back with a good book or a glass of wine – bliss!

One of our customers bought her 8x8 Tiger Vista Corner Summerhouse (see above) back in 2020 at the height of lockdown – and it proved a real getaway from the noise and chaos of her home. That proved especially useful at a time when the whole family were either working from home or getting home-schooled. 


A Shrine to Pop Culture...

A shrine to pop culture

... or the perfect place to store all your keepsakes. Garden building décor usually reflects the personality, tastes, and interests of their owners – and these examples are no different. In the photo on the left, a Tiger customer has adorned his summerhouse with mid-20th century memorabilia. 

You can see odes to Elvis, Batman and Marilyn Monroe. There are also model cars which are further nods to 1950s Americana.  


The Garden Retreat

The garden retreat

Lots of our customers like to tuck their Tiger summerhouses neatly away in private corners of their gardens. 

In the example on the right (above), this customer’s Tiger Elite Pressure Treated Octagonal is surrounded by plants and flowers in the corner of their outdoor area – and it looks fantastic!


 A Place for Pets

A place for Pets

In some reviews of our garden buildings, some customers joke that their pets have taken over their garden havens. In the example on the left, a customer’s dog clearly enjoys their Vista Corner Summerhouse just as much as the owner!


The Hot Tub Hideaway

Hot Tub Hideaway

Ah, this is a great example of what our customers achieve with the right amount of creativity and know-how!

One couple turned their Tiger summerhouse into a spa room – complete with a hot tub and wet wall panelling with a tile-effect pattern. They say they use their Tiger building day and night – and in all weathers!


The Arts and Crafts Room

Arts & Craft Room

We also seen many great examples of Tiger summerhouses being turned into arts and crafts rooms.

And this makes perfect sense! After all, there’s surely no better place to enjoy painting or making things than a light and airy space in a lovely garden surrounded by flowers on a sunny day.


Need more help deciding which summerhouse suits you best? Browse some of the options here.

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