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We use the finest quality timber we can and so all timber used is a high quality slow-grown European softwood originating from Pine or Spruce.


We are very conscious of our Environmental Impact and so Tiger Sheds is FSC certified under Chain of Custody Number: TT-CW-005298

The company is certified to produce ‘FSC mix’ status material which means we operate a credit account whereby all material must be certified as legal and sustainable and any volume proportion that is brought in as FSC certified is then added to our credit account volume of material that we may then sell out as FSC certified.

Any product that we sell out as FSC Mix certified is documented and its volume removed from our credit account and the receiving party, should they be part of the FSC programme, can add the full 100% volume of this product to their own FSC account.

Garden Sheds and most garden buildings are delivered on a vehicle up to the size of a 7.5 Tonne Flatbed, in single panels and unloaded by hand on arrival. The largest panel size we deliver is 10ft in length.

Log Cabins are delivered on an 18 Tonne Hiab so you will need to ensure that you have sufficient space for the building to be craned off the back of the vehicle. The largest Log Cabin pack size we deliver is 20ft in length.

Rules governing outbuildings apply to sheds, greenhouses and garages as well as other ancillary garden buildings such as swimming pools, ponds, sauna cabins, kennels, enclosures (including tennis courts) and many other kinds of structure for a purpose incidental to the enjoyment of the dwellinghouse.

Other rules relate to the installation of a satellite dish, the erection of a new dwelling or the erection or provision of fuel storage tanks.

Under new regulations that came into effect on 1 October 2008 outbuildings are considered to be permitted development, not needing planning permission, subject to the following limits and conditions:

No outbuilding on land forward of a wall forming the principal elevation.

Outbuildings and garages to be single storey with maximum eaves height of 2.5 metres and maximum overall height of four metres with a dual pitched roof or three metres for any other roof.

Maximum height of 2.5 metres in the case of a building, enclosure or container  within two metres of a boundary of the curtilage of the dwellinghouse.

No verandas, balconies or raised platforms.

No more than half the area of land around the "original house"* would be covered by additions or other buildings.

In National Parks, the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and World Heritage Sites the maximum area to be covered by buildings, enclosures, containers and pools more than 20 metres from house to be limited to 10 square metres.

On designated land* buildings, enclosures, containers and pools at the side of properties will require planning permission.

Within the curtilage of listed buildings any outbuilding will require planning permission.

For more in-depth information, please consult the online Planning Portal


*The term "original house" means the house as it was first built or as it stood on 1 July 1948 (if it was built before that date). Although you may not have built an extension to the house, a previous owner may have done so.

*Designated land includes national parks and the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, conservation areas and World Heritage Sites.

Every Tiger model has a set of helpful instructions to help assemble the building. A copy will be sent with your delivery, but there will be an electronic version on the product page in the DOWNLOADS section you can access. All the instructions can also be found in the Help Section in the Instructions library.

There should be an assembly video available to help put your building together. These cover different building types rather than individual building ranges, so while they are very helpful in showing how different building features are fitted please always use the instructions for your building model.

You can find the assembly video in the video player section on the product page, and also in the video library in the Help Centre - just click this link.

Tiger sheds and summerhouses are fitted with toughened glass as standard. Tiger log cabins come with a selection of glass options. We use glass instead of styrene plastic because it is more durable, and is less likely to mist or scratch over time. Styrene is used on Tiger playhouse glazing as that is a legal requirement.

All Tiger sheds and summerhouses are pre-treated with TigerSkin in its water-based version to protect it during its initial period, and as such can be painted over using appropriate water- or oil-based paints. If you prefer to add further layers of TigerSkin preserver in its oil-based version (as sold in 5L containers through before painting, we would advise using oil-based paints for better coverage. To see the full range of paints and preservers on sale, please click here.

We would recommend using a specifically developed exterior paint or stain to colour your garden building. There are several brands that are available on the market: we would recommend choosing a product that has been purposefully-developed to coat timber garden buildings and fencing, and uses a higher grade water-repelling timber colour coating. 

With this in mind, we offer Protek Royal Exterior paint for use on Tiger buildings, if you are considering to paint directly on to the timber once it has been assembled. For the choice of colours available direct from Tiger, please see the selection here.

Sheds, Summerhouses, and Playhouses

We currently manufacture garden sheds with the following 4 cladding variations;

Overlapping board ex 12x125mm (finished thickness 9mm)

Tongue and Groove Shiplap ex 16x125mm (finished thickness 12mm)

Tongue and Groove Loglap Cladding ex 19x125mm (finished thickness 15mm at thickest point)

Tongue and Groove Pressure Treated Shiplap ex 19x125mm (finished thickness 16mm)

We currently stock sheds with the following 2 framework variations;

Standard Framework ex 32x50mm, which finishes at 28x44mm

Heavy Duty Framework ex 63x50mm, which finishes at 58x44mm

Our current garden shed range uses the following roof and floor construction;

Overlap Range - roof and floor ex 12x120mm butt-jointed timber boards (finished thickness 9mm)

Shiplap and Loglap Range - roof and floor ex 16x125mm tongue and groove boards (finished thickness 12mm)

Pressure Treated Range - roof and floor ex 19x125mm tongue and groove board (finished thickness 16mm)

The majority of our wooden sheds are dip treated with a temporary water-based treatment, which is red cedar in colour. This is the red/orange colour of the Sheds you will see online. We can supply the standard Sheds without any treatment but this would invalidate the timber guarantee.

We have a Pressure Treated Range of buildings, which are treated with Tanalith-E. These have a pale green tint to the timber as the treatment is a copper-based product designed to limit the chance of rot. The only buildings we supply untreated as a standard are the Log Cabins.

You can order a completely untreated Tiger Shed but this would invalidate the Timber Guarantee we offer.

We do advise that you need to treat any wooden building inside and out with a waterproofing treatment as soon as possible after delivery and annually thereafter. We do offer our own Tiger Sheds Preserver as an optional extra.

Overlap cladding is a rough-cut board with a finished cut thickness of 9mm. The cladding boards in the walls of an Overlap Shed will overlap each other and generally, the Overlap Sheds will include a roof and floor constructed using 9mm butt-jointed timber boards.

Shiplap cladding is a type of tongue and groove but there is a slight profile to each board to aid water run-off. Our Shiplap cladding is a smooth-planed board with a finished cut thickness of 12mm.  Apart from the Tiger Wooden Garage (which has no floor at all), the Shiplap Sheds include a 12mm tongue and groove roof and floor. Our range of Pressure Treated Sheds are also made of Shiplap cladding but the boards have a thicker cut finish at 16mm and a 16mm tongue and groove roof and floor.

Available as an upgrade on most of our Shiplap Shed range, Loglap cladding is still tongue and groove but rather than a flat finish to each cladding board, each board has a curved finish. The loglap boards are planed to 15mm at the thickest point. As with the Shiplap Sheds, our Loglap buildings will generally include a 12mm tongue and groove roof and floor.

Coming Soon


The innovative modular design of the TigerFlex range lets you put the door and windows where you want! And soon it will be even easier, with so many more options! With the easy to use configurator, it'll be so simple to style your ideal shed.

Just mix and match the panels as you want. If you want windows on every side, sure thing! Want full pane windows on one side, and thiner security windows on the other for more privacy, no problem! Whatever you decide, just drag and drop your choice into each slot to suit your specific shed needs.

A Member of Anti Copying In Design
This modular building configurator is a Tiger innovation (2018).
Registered and protected within the ACID IP Databank no. D16167-17805

Design your perfect space with the TigerFlex - coming soon! TigerFlex Shed Configurator

Yes: unlike conventional sheds, the modular TigerFlex range comes with pre-fitted windows in their panels for ease of assembly, and these are part-beaded (on either side).  

TigerFlex sheds have more framing than a comparable conventional shed because each panel has its own framing; this means a side of a TigerFlex building will have more framing than a similar-size conventional shed, which helps with internal stability.

Your TigerFlex garden building will arrive packed securely wrapped on a pallet on your preferred Pick A Day delivery date. It's really simple to unpack it - and this video guide can show you how. Just visit the Help Centre video library here for a quick and easy-to-follow demonstration.

To change a single shed door so that it opens outwards the other way, remove the door by unscrewing the hinges from the shed panel the door is fixed into. 

Then rotate the door and place it back into the doorway. 

Screw the hinges into the shed panel on that side, supporting the door from the inside. 

Then reorientate the lock on the door - so unscrew it from the block on the back of the door frame, turn it 180 degrees and screw back on to the block (use the key for guidance for the best position). 

The video guide at shows how to do all this. it is best done as a two-person job.

If you would like to add window beading to your shed, select the Window Glazing Kit from the Window Options as you customise your shed. 

To fix, apply sealant evenly around the inner window frame, then place window pane into the frame and press carefully to bond the sealant. 

Position the beading around the inner frame and gently tap into place, starting with the top beading. Secure with panel pins (x3 left and right, x2 top and bottom). 

Then apply the clear sealant evenly around the outer window edge. 

There is an easy video guide to follow at in the Tiger Help Centre.

DO NOT mistake the long corner strips supplied with your shed for window beading.

TigerFlex sheds are delivered with fitted windows together with beading so do not require additional beading.

For guidance, please see the relevant video available in the Help Centre at

We would advise in general that your building is coated after it has been fully assembled. Some customers do prefer to treat or paint their shed before assembly, which can be easier to do (especially if the planned location of the shed may prove difficult to cover once in place). However painting the building - or any parts - will mean we cannot accept a refund or return if you have any issue with your delivered items, so please check your delivery before you add a coat to it. 

Yes: to find our loglap range simply use the Cladding Type filter on the Sheds category page, or select Loglap & Logboard from the category page menu.


Tiger garden buildings come with a floor as standard - you do not need to add it later as an accessory, as is often the case for competitor sheds. 

This is inclusive in the price - it is not a hidden add-on.

What's more, the floor for sheds and summerhouses (and log cabins) is made of tongue & groove boards, not cheap OSB or chipboard.

Garden shelters, pergolas and garages are the only Tiger buildings supplied without a floor.

Yes: unlike many competitors, all Tiger buildings with a door come with a lock and key as standard - you do not need to pay for these as an additional extra.

The lock will be pre-fitted, and the key will either be attached to the door framing or in the polytube containing all the fixtures and fittings.

For most sheds and summerhouses it is a standard press lock, while for pressure-treated buildings and log cabins it is a 3-lever lock.


Unlike many competitors, Tiger sheds not only come with a lock and key as standard, but also with a complimentary door pull. 

This pull will be in your Welcome Pack when your building is delivered.

Pressure-treated buildings and log cabins are supplied with 3-lever locks as standard which include a push-down door handle.

For many Tiger sheds and workshops, there are door placement options to choose from listed in the Customise & Buy section on the product page. 

Please check the listings to confirm if that is available. 

For ALL TigerFlex buildings, the modular design means you can place your door where you want.

 Tiger is rated as the Best Overall Garden Building Retailer by independent expert review site, WhatShed? 

Tiger scored 95% in the most recent WhatShed? Assessment. 

We also have a high review score on as well as Trustpilot, as well as many great reviews from satisfied customers.

Log Cabins

Our current range of Log Cabins features buildings constructed with either 19mm (single tongue and groove), 28mm (single tongue and groove), or 44mm (double tongue and groove) interlocking log.


All Tiger Log Cabins are supplied completely untreated as a standard.

The Logs are cut to be such a precise and tight fit that if we were to treat the Logs prior to assembly, a build up of treatment or swelling of the logs with absorption of treatment may result in the Logs not fitting together correctly.

You will need to treat the Cabin thoroughly inside and out as soon as possible after assembly to validate the Timber Guarantee and prevent any absorption or ingress of water into the Log Cabin.

We offer the Tiger Sheds Preserver which would be suitable for this. However, any good quality waterproofing wood treatment will suffice.

We advise a tape measure, spirit level, sharp knife, wood saw, screwdriver, spanner, drill, ladder, hammer and a rubber mallet as tools for putting any log cabin together. The rubber headed mallet is especially important to tap the logs together for a tight fit without marking or damaging the timber. We would strongly advise a white rubber mallet as it is less likely to mark the bare timber: these are easily available from any DIY store for around £10.

Tap the logs together for a tight fit using a rubber headed mallet. We would recommend a white-rubber headed mallet, which can be obtained from any good DIY store for around £10.   If you don't have a rubber headed mallet, you can also use a hammer and a woodblock offcut (in the packaging with your cabin delivery) to avoid damaging cabin logs.

We would strongly advise waiting until  after it has been fully assembled. Painting individual logs adds moisture to the wood which may affect how easily the logs go together. Also painting will mean we cannot accept a refund or return if you have any issue with your items, so you should check your delivery before you coat it.

Tiger is rated as the No 1 Best Retailer for both Log Cabins and Garden Rooms by independent expert review site, WhatShed? Tiger scored 95% in the most recent WhatShed? Assessment. 

We also have a high review score on as well as Trustpilot, as well as many great reviews from satisfied customers.

You can access these reviews by clicking here or visiting their websites.

Cabin decking is a great way to enhance your enjoyment of your log cabin,

There are instructions available for cabin decking and you can see an assembly video at

Cabin guttering is a very popular addition to upgrading a log cabin. 

It is easy to install and adds a sophisticated touch to your garden building.

You can see a video guide to installing cabin guttering at the Building Videos section in the Help Centre

Roofing shingles are a good addition to completing a log cabin, and are quite straightforward to install - and can be fitted over existing (or new) roofing felt for an extra layer of weatherproofing. 

They are durable, hardwearing and low maintenance, and add a significant upgrade for weather protection and insulation.

They are available in a popular selection of colours.

Check out the helpful video guide for assembly at the Tiger Help Centre - or visit

Synthetic rubber roofing membrane that will keep your building water tight and protected, and is very durable. 

As an overview, it is easy to fit: order covering size and tub of special EPDM glue; then apply the paste to the roof boards and roll out the rubber roof, brushing out any air pockets; finally nail down the sides of the rubber directly onto the timbers at the side of the roof. 

For a demonstration of how to fit, please see the video guide on how to fit EPDM roof covering at

It is easy to add a bar into your log cabin to create a sociable environment for entertaining friends.  

There are two options - the Tiger Classic and Tiger L-Shaped Bar. They can be ordered either with your log cabin or individually, delivered on your preferred date. 

They are easy to assemble - see the instructions on the product page or view a helpful assembly guide video at the Tiger Help Centre.

If you would like to 'fmirror' the position of the front of your cabin, so that  (for example)  instead of there being a window on the left and the door on the right of the front side, the window is on the right and the door is on the left, this is usually straightforward. 

This will require you or your installer to translate the instructions from the standard layout however. Unfortunately we are unable to supply instructions for a 'mirrored' layout.

Please note that as the door itself is pre configured, it is not possible to change the way it opens.

 If you have any questions or would like further advice, please call our Customer Service team on 0113 2054189 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri).

While this option is possible on most log cabin designs, there are some exceptions. The log cabin designs that mirroring is possible on are: The Zeta, The Hotham, The Gamma, The Rho, The Lakra, The Caspian, The Kerr, The Lavinia, The Martel, The Optima, The Amur, The Persian, The Milne and The Capetus.


Yes you can!

We've just launched our brand new TV advert, which features two of our products and introduces our new mascot Eric.

The Optima 44m Log Cabin
Tiger Heavyweight Workshop Shed

Be sure to check the new adverts out. You can also catch them across the ITV network during the spring/summer in 2022.

We had great fun shooting our brand new TV ads. We've captured some of the moments and hightlight from behind the scenes so you can see how it all came together.

You can catch the new TV ads across the ITV network over the spring/summer in 2022, or you can watch them on our TV page.

Unlike many sheds in the market, a Tiger shed will already come with a door lock and key as standard (and a free door pull). For added security, you can add a hasp and staple to your door, and they are easy to fit using both screws and holding bolts. 

First place the staple on your shed at the desired level next to the door: position so the holding bolt(s) for the hasp will fit into the door's framing. Screw in place but leave some slots open for the later Insertion of holding bolts. The align the hasp with the staple to position it on the door, and mark its location on the door. Open hasp to reveal the fixing holes and screw hasp in place using at least 2x screws. Then fix the holding bolts: drill through the open slots on the hasp and staple into shed and door frame; tap each bolt through and add a washer and nut for each bolt;  then tighten until secure. Then add your chosen padlock. 

For a quick video guide, visit or click here to see how it is done.

This is a very helpful accessory to keep your garden building door(s) open when you need easy access or additional ventilation on hot days. Hook and eye sets are simple to fit, and there are also helpful videos in the Help Centre here (or visit

Firstly, to find the best position, hold hook level on building suitable for good placement of eye on door. The eye location should match door framing on inside door, away from any glazing. Mark hook location on building (use spirit level if preferred). Then screw in the hook at chosen position.Then use the fixed hook to relocate the eye on the door and mark its location. Screw the eye into door frame - and the hook should fit securely into eye.

It is easy to fit shelving into a Tiger shed: simply choose the options you want when you are customising your shed before you order. 

There are two types: wall-mounted single shelves, and floor-standing two-tier staging. 

They are easy to assemble with simple instructions, and you can see video guides for both types in the Help Centre (click here or visit

EPDM rubber roof kits are a quick and easy alternative to more traditional roof coverings like felt. 

They are easy to fit and come as a kit supplied direct by courier to you, independent of your Tiger delivery. 

There is a video guide to fitting EPDM roofing - please click here or visit the Help Centre video library at

For safety reasons, Tiger playhouses are the only buildings in the Tiger collections that are fitted with styrene glazing instead of toughened glass as standard. Styrene is a lightweight,  plastic material which, while not as clear or as long lasting as toughened glass, is commonly used by other garden building retailers in all their ranges.

For child safety Tiger playhouses do not have lockable doors and are held shut by light magnetic strips to allow children to play more accessibility.

Fastfit Warm Floors are simple to fit and ideal for playhouses. Available in a selection of colours, they can brighten any child's play space, and are tough, durable and easy to clean and maintain. 

There is a video guide to fitting a warm floor in the Help Centre video library - click here or visit

We would normally advise that a log cabin bar be used as an internal accessory inside a Tiger log cabin. However with the right weatherproofing and treatment (or painting), a Tiger bar could sit outside.

Some customers do use a bar under a Garden Pavilion or in a Tiger Sumatran Shelter.

Please note that it will need raising off the ground as it is not supplied with bearers. In that instance we would also recommend that it stands on a base just like a regular cabin.

As the bar has a flat surface, it is liable to be exposed to sitting water which would need to be cleared and as such would not be supported by the Tiger 20 Year Guarantee.

The Tiger Welcome Pack will come with the delivered garden building. It is clearly marked and supplied separately.

If you have ordered a TigerFlex building or a Pick A Day product, the Welcome Pack is wrapped inside the pallet.

There should be the distinctive Tiger finials, the iconic Tiger badge, a complimentary door pull and some helpful guides to the Tiger range, together with an introduction to the TigerClub customer offer programme.

We understand the importance for some customers of being able to see your desired building up close before making your final decision.

There are a number of showsites which have a wide selection of popular buildings to view. 

The helpful team will be able to answer your questions and help your purchase.

Simply go to the showsites page at to find a display site closest to you.

Because we mill our own timber, and have decades of expertise in designing wooden garden buildings, we can create sheds, summerhouses and log cabins to suit you. 

Simply contact our bespoke design team through the Bespoke button on the website or call us on 0113 2054109 during normal office hours. 

We will discuss your requirements and propose a design for your agreement. We will then produce and deliver it in the usual way. 

Please note that there may be a charge for creating the design for you, and the terms and conditions for bespoke garden buildings are different to the standard Tiger products. 

Please see our Terms and Conditions page for more details.


As well as the extensive list of accessories and upgrades offered with this building, if you would like to modify the building design itself we offer a bespoke design service for all our timber garden buildings. 

Just call our customer sales team on 0113 205 4109 (9am-5pm weekdays) to discuss your vision, and we'll help deliver that in any way that we can!

Yes, it is possible and a lot of our customers do this. It usually requires the assistance of a qualified electrician to assess your electrical needs and install in compliance with safety regulations. 

Please check with local authority electrical codes in case a permit is required. 

Alternatively you can fit a solar panel pack to your building for natural and free energy - there are many options available, see

Wooden sheds are eco-friendly because they’re made from natural materials.  

All Tiger wooden sheds are made with sustainably sourced, FSC-certified timber. 

Timber is a recurring natural resource and Tiger also sponsors a tree planting programme in conjunction with Eden Reforestation Projects - for every Tiger ordered, two trees are planted (three if the order is shared on social media).

When planning the placement of your garden shed, it's ideal to have a clear space of at least 18 inches (approximately 45 centimeters) on all sides if possible. This generous clearance ensures easy access for both the initial installation and any future maintenance requirements. However, practicality often dictates that such ample space isn't always achievable or necessary. In such cases, you may be able to reduce the clearance to less than 18 inches on one or two sides of the shed, depending on your specific circumstances. Keep in mind that if your shed has a roof overhang, you should account for this when determining the necessary clearance. Additionally, it's important to address any nearby shrubs and trees that might obstruct the shed's access or future growth. Pruning or removing vegetation that could interfere with the shed is a good practice to ensure the long-term functionality and convenience of your garden building.

If you can, why not try to sell it? Selling your existing shed can be a practical and cost-effective way to make room for a new one. Here are some steps and tips for selling your old shed: Be honest about its condition, as this will affect the price you can ask for it. Take clear and well-lit photographs of your shed from various angles. Include the dimensions of your shed in your advertisement. Write a concise but informative description of the shed. Mention any special features, such as windows, shelving, or unique materials. Set a reasonable price. Consider where and how you want to advertise your shed -  online marketplaces like Craigslist or eBay, local classified ads in newspapers, or community bulletin boards. Be clear about the terms of the sale. Specify that the buyer is responsible for dismantling and removal. When potential buyers come to inspect the shed, ensure their safety by pointing out any potential hazards. If possible, ask for full payment upon agreement. Consider providing a simple bill of sale or receipt to both you and the buyer as proof of the transaction. By following these steps, you can increase the chances of successfully selling your old shed and making way for your new Tiger!

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