Behind The Scenes Of Our New TV Ad

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We had great fun shooting the adverts and we had an amazing team behind it all, who have also worked on some big film CGI productions. We thought we’d share some of the behind the scenes highlights from the shoot, so you can see how it all came together.

We were so pleased to share the launch of our latest national TV ad earlier this week (Click below if you still haven’t seen them).

The Idea

We wanted to show how Tiger can help you find your perfect space.

There were so many options to choose from, but we picked two - a relaxing space to work and a smart storage space for everything.

Behind The Scenes Of Our New TV Ad

The Set Up

We shot our real-life buildings on location in February, in a beautiful garden in Cheshire. Our team came in over the weekend to put up the buildings, showing real dedication (given it was February in Cheshire!), while the set was being finalised by the crew.

The Optima 44mm Log Cabin
Tiger Heavyweight Workshop Shed

On the day itself, we had really good weather. It was an early start, and everyone was very busy propping each of the three main sets – the kitchen, the fabulous and roomy workshop and the amazing Optima cabin.

The Set Up
The Set Up
The Set Up

There were lots of takes to get the right angle and mood, and the right pace of action. 30 seconds is not a long time to tell an interesting story.

Behind The Scenes Of Our New TV Ad

It’s hard to manage the action, when you have a dog, a cat, young children and of course a Tiger on set! But everybody was great, and really well behaved.

The Set Up
The Set Up
The Set Up
The Set Up
The Set Up
The Set Up
The Buildings Looked Really Great, We Think You'll Agree.

The Finished Films

We hope you agree that the finished pieces look great. We had one story, with two different endings, to highlight the different needs that a well-made Tiger garden building can answer perfectly.

See them here again below – and let us know what you think at #tigershedsTV

Find your perfect...Storage Space Find Your Perfect Space
Storage Space.
Find your perfect...Working Space Find Your Perfect Space
Working Space.

What Did We Learn?

  • Filming can be very hectic.
  • The British film industry seems to run on coffee and bacon sandwiches (vegetarian options also).
  • Everybody is really friendly and down to earth, and the talent is amazing.
  • Everything depends on the state of natural light.
  • Details really matter.
  • It all looks like chaos but then comes together right at the end.
  • Its exhausting but incredibly fun!!
You can catch our ad on ITV, ITV 2/3/4 and ITV be throughout April, May and June. It’s also available on ITV on demand.

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