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Find your Perfect Pet Space

Published: 22/05/2023

A picture containing a Tiger Sheds wooden dog shed, with dog

Creating a safe space for your pets through clever garden design delivers a safe environment for our furry and feathered friends.

There are lots of ways you can make your garden space pet friendly with a range of quality garden pet house solutions.

Your pet dog, cat, rabbit, chicken, and other pets enjoy being outside, but you must have the ideal pet house in place for their wellbeing, health and safety. It’s important to look for pet houses made from strong, high-grade wood, that are low maintenance and durable to protect your animals from changeable weather.

Find your Perfect Cat House

An outdoor cat house in your garden can greatly improve the life of your kitty if they enjoy spending time outdoors. The right kind of cat house can improve their safety and health, by providing them a comfortable place to rest and feel secure.

Look for designs with a roomy interior so they can move about, but not too much that your cat can’t keep warm by just their body heat.  You can also pop in some straw or blankets and cushions for added warmth and cosiness too.

 A picture containing 3 kittens in hay

Having two doors is also ideal; a clear cat flap so your cat can see outside and be fully aware of their surroundings, and a main door to access the cabin for easy cleaning and general access.

A picture containing a Tiger Sheds outdoor cat house, log cabin in garden


And cat houses aren’t just for outdoors.  Why not create an area in the home where your cat can have their own personal space to retire too for one of their many cat naps 😊

Find your Perfect Dog Kennel

There are lots of cute doghouse designs to choose from so you can find one that compliments your dog's character, but please always choose a quality made kennel. Your pup will love a new place to rest its head after a long day of enjoyable play and walkies.   

Again, with a dog cabin, there should be enough room inside for your dog to lie down comfortably, stand and move around a bit… stretch out, wag their tail and turn around.  Additionally, you must take into consideration the dog bed and any additional accessories that your dog may need.

A picture containing a dog in a Tiger Sheds Shiplap Dog Kennel, painted in grey

Tiger Deluxe Dog Cabin | Luxury Dog House | Tiger Sheds

We can all agree that the dog's thought process would not generally think about the design, durability and aesthetics of his kennel.  Your fuzzy friend is more bothered about running around, playing and where his next cuddle is coming from.

But what we do know is that dogs love a safe and cosy space to settle down and lay their head, and then they’ll be as content as can be.

Select a dog kennel that is made from high-grade shiplap cladding or interlocking logs.  One that has heavy duty mineral felt for the roof and heavy-duty tongue and groove roof and floorboards to enhance the durability and keep your adorable pup happy for many years to come.

Find your Perfect Pet Run

Give your pet some freedom and adventure without taking any chances!

Everyone would prefer to let their small pets roam free and explore instead of keeping it in a hutch or cage all day. Nevertheless, due to natural predators in the wild and other pets in the neighbourhood, it is not always advisable to let a small pet run free, even in an enclosed garden. 

A picture containing a rabbit sitting in hay

Pet runs give your guinea pig, rabbit, and other small pets a place of their own, either indoors or outdoors, to run around and play.   A quality-built pet run can make the difference between a healthy and happy bunny or a grumpy guinea pig.  

Look for a pet run made from high-grade, superior shiplap timber cladding with multiple access doors and a good run area.  You’ll also need heavy duty framing and superior heavy duty black mineral felt for the roof so your little friends will keep dry all year round.

A picture containing a Tiger Sheds Pethouse, dog run, outdoor, garden, timber shed

Tiger Pethouse and Run | Dog Kennel and Run | Tiger Sheds

This pet run is big enough for a wide variety of animals including dogs!

A picture containing an oudoor garden dog house and pet run, garden, sky, patio

Find your Perfect Hen House

With the growing trend to carve out your own little piece of the ‘the good life’, keeping hens at home are becoming more and more popular.

Besides the joys of having delicious fresh eggs for breakfast each morning, owning your own chickens can you bring your and your family lots of fun and joy in so many ways! 

A well-designed hen house will allow them to roam freely between a cosy enclosure and a secure outdoor space enclosed by sturdy wire fencing, so they are safe and have adequate fresh air flow.  

If you want it to last, then look for a chicken coop with multiple doors for easy access, a safe nesting box, built from high-grade timber shiplap cladding and premium mineral felt for the roof to provide a reliable, weatherproof barrier to keep your feathered friends sheltered all year round.

Create your very own ‘Cluckingham Palace’ like one of our happy customers has done by  cleverly converting a Tiger Sheds 7’x3’ Pent Bike Store.

A picture containing a Tiger Sheds Pent Bike Store, Hen House with sign

A picture containing a garden hen coop, converted shed, hens

Add some perches and shelves at different levels to keep your chicks off the ground and draft free.  The shelves have been created using Tiger Sheds 3ft and 7ft Wall Mounted Shelving Kits.

A picture containing a shed with poultry

If you have pets at home, then investing in a garden shed is a good way to keep your garden safe and tidy.

Garden tool storage is ideal for keeping any garden well organised, but they're especially important in dog friendly gardens because they'll keep potentially dangerous tools out of reach.

Screws, bolts and other small fittings can become a choking hazard for your dog, or any pet come to that, especially young puppies who enjoy exploring the garden with their nose and mouth.

When planning your garden space and deciding where to position your pet house, shady spots are always a good idea. On hotter days, pets are susceptible to overheating, so provide plenty of cool places for them to rest. Large shrubs and trees provide excellent shade, but you can also erect shelters or cover the end of an exercise run with sheets for smaller animals.

Whatever pet you have and no matter the size of your garden space, Tiger has a range of pet houses, coops and pet runs, that have been cleverly designed to make your life as pet owner that little bit easier.

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