Creating a Wellness Space in your Garden

Published: 12/06/2023

Tiger Sheds Siberian log cabin, outdoor, garden, trees, wooden fence, swing seat

More than ever, people are creating wellness spaces at home.  It’s not selfish, it’s a necessity in this day and age. 

Due to the most recent worldwide health crisis, house and garden renovations are now including more wellness rooms such as spas, saunas home gyms and meditation zones.  People are preferring to be in the seclusion of their own homes, where they can find serenity and concentrate on their health and wellbeing without interruption.

By harnessing the power of nature and incorporating a wellness room into your outdoor space, you can create a serene sanctuary that promotes relaxation, mindfulness and inner peace. 

Even though the ideal wellness room is a personal choice and will therefore look different for everyone, entering this space ought to feel like breathing out. It ought to be uninhibited, judgment-free, and free from distractions so that you can retain or restore balance, inner strength and wellbeing.

We’ve put together our top Tiger Tips on how to create an effective wellness space in your garden.

Elevate your Garden Design

One of the most important aspects is to create a balance between the elements of nature.

Creating a peaceful garden starts with thoughtful design and careful selection of elements that promote relaxation. Firstly, consider the plants you have in your garden and ensure you have plenty of foliage associated with calming properties. Lavender, jasmine, chamomile and rosemary are all good examples of plants that emit soothing scents and are great for relaxation and bringing balance and harmony to a space. 

Tiger Tip - Water features like fountains, ponds or birdbaths can help to create a sense of peace and tranquillity and bring in more natural energy. 

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Expert tips from gardening for health charity, Thrive, state that you should strive to ‘create a feeling of being away', saying that “Researchers have shown that one of the factors that contribute to the healing effect of a garden is the feeling of ‘being away’ or being transported to somewhere else.” 

Design your Own Wellness Room

A dedicated wellness room within your garden provides additional space to really focus on yourself and your well-being needs, while also being multifunctional and fit for work, play and leisure. Whether it be a spacious and relaxing summerhouse or log cabin, ensure your garden building is in a peaceful and private area of your garden which also receives ample natural light.

There is a high demand for garden rooms that are focused on organic materials that emulate outdoor environments. Among all the options, wood is one of the most popular materials to bring nature indoors, not only because of its functionality, but also due to its multiple physiological and psychological benefits.  Not only that but a garden room with plenty of natural light flooding in will enhance your mood and sense of wellbeing so opt for plenty of large, glazed windows and doors if possible.

A picture containing outdoor, sky, plant, Tiger Shed log cabin, Siberian log cabin, garden

Siberian Log Cabin | 44mm Garden Log Cabins | Tiger Sheds

You can then begin incorporating nature within the interior, by adding potted foliage and organic textiles to help make the space feel calm and relaxing. Steer clear of furniture and surfaces that aren’t made from natural materials such as plastic.

Most people would prefer to spend time in an illuminated room with plants instead of surrounded by plain white walls. Why? Apart from being more aesthetically pleasing, it makes you feel better!

Tiger Tip - Look to add soft lighting fixtures, such as warm-toned LED lights or candles and incorporate natural scents, such as essential oils or incense, to stimulate your senses and deepen your relaxation experience.

A picture containing burning incense stick in stone holder

A Garden Exercise Room…

Creating a wellness space in your garden that is specifically dedicated to movement and motion will add value and importance to your life. Whether it be a space for a home gym, yoga or meditation space, ad hoc visits to a gym class or studio simply cannot beat the serenity and privacy of your very own personal health and wellbeing space.

A picture containing a garden buddha sitting in ivy, holding a candle

Equip your wellness room with meditation cushions or yoga mats, making sure you have a comfortable chill out area to support your mindfulness practice. It must be a place where you feel at ease, able to connect with yourself inside, where you can go whenever you need to rejuvenate.

The most popular wellness spaces at home are personal fitness rooms because they are isolated from other distracting parts of the house. Setting up your fitness equipment in a garden room is a great way to exercise, with lots of natural light and fresh air being linked to lowered stress levels and improved wellbeing in general.

A picture containing Tiger Sheds Rayner log cabin, log cabin interior, home gym, garden gym, gym equipment

Rayner Log Cabin | Workshop Log Cabins | Tiger Sheds

Or, if you prefer to be at one with nature, an outdoor space to practise your deep breathing and meditation exercises could be just what you need.  Why not opt for a wonderful garden pergola or garden shelter that will allow you to truly immerse yourself in organic nature with all the natural sounds and fresh air that surrounds you.

A picture containing Tiger Sheds Garden Pavilion, garden shelter, pergola, roof

Tiger Pavilion | Tiger Sheds

A Garden Spa Room…

Turning your garden room or a garden space into a relaxing home spa is a whole new level of self-care!  

A picture containing a garden spa log cabin, moody lighting

When creating a home spa, the senses should know that you've entered a space of sanctuary for the body.  This will support a deeper healing experience by better embodying sensations of escape and relaxation. It’s important to create the right ambiance with the help of moody lighting and natural materials.

A picture containing sky, outdoor, building, Tiger Sheds outdoor shelter, garden shelter for hot tub

Home Spa & Hot Tub | Tiger Sheds

Tiger Tip – When designing your home spa, take inspiration from some of your favourite relaxation spots and try and incorporate these within your space.

A Reading Room…

A chair with a blanket and a blanket on it, Tiger Sheds Vibrissa Log cabin interior. reading nook, home library

Vibrissa Corner Log Cabin | Tiger Corner Log Cabins | Tiger Sheds

Everyone needs a quiet place to unwind and enjoy the power of a good book.

Create a relaxing reading nook in your garden room with shelves stacked high with your favourite books, a plush, comfy seat, and gentle lighting. Surrounded by beautiful vegetation, your reading room or home library will quickly become your favourite place to escape reality, for a little while at least. 

Warm, soothing drinks can be placed on a small table or sideboard, and for chilly evenings, a fluffy throw for extra cosiness. You'll have the ideal setting to unwind and get lost in a good book with all these components in place.

Top Tip – Create a home office library with a desk, shelving, comfortable seat and coffee table to provide multiple ways to use and enjoy the space.

A room with a couch and a desk, Tiger Sheds Optima log cabin interior

A Hobby Room…

Dedicating a garden room to a hobby you love can promote a healthy and positive state of mind. For crafting, painting, collecting … whatever it is you love to do, a garden room is a great place to pursue your hobby. 

Adorn your garden building walls with your own paintings, photography, tapestries, or floating shelves to show off your prize collection.  This will give your garden room a wealth of personality, colour and added texture, to make it your own personal space.

A picture containing Tiger Sheds Potting Shed, hobby room, garden art studio, work from home space

Tiger Potting Shed Plus | Garden Potting Shed | Tiger Sheds

So, there you have it, lots of ideas on how to set up a wellness room in a peaceful corner in your garden to engage in self-reflection. This quiet time alone can help you cultivate inner peace and gain insights into your well-being.

For more information on how to create your perfect garden wellness room, visit:

And don't worry about money because you can build your wellness sanctuary on any budget. No matter the environment you choose to design, using natural materials, biophilic components, and calming aromas and lighting will improve your practise and help you to create your own perfect space, dedicated to your wellbeing.

Create your perfect wellness garden space with Tiger. Explore our quality collection of garden buildings in all shapes and sizes.   Including fast delivery sheds, log cabins, summerhouses, garden storage, playhouses, pet houses, storage sheds, pergolas and so much more.

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