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Published: 19/08/2023

Tiger Sheds Eric in shed workshop

What do you do for Tiger?

I have a free-roaming role across the Tiger brand, to check on production quality and ensure that Tiger buildings are well-made with care in our Yorkshire workshops with the best materials. I enjoy making sure everything is up to scratch.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I've been in Yorkshire for just under two decades – I really love the place though I still can’t get used to the weather. I enjoy the garden and being close to nature, as well as long walks.

Eric the Tiger, Tiger Sheds Optima Log Cabin, Garden, grass

Can you describe a typical day at Tiger?

Generally, I prowl around keeping everybody on their toes. I have been here for years, and have built up a lot of experience over that time, as you would expect, so I like to help with some expert advice.

Occasionally, I will be asked to pose for photographs for our website, and I have been in a couple of recent TV ads which was quite exciting. They say I’m a natural! 

Tiger Sheds TV Ad, Eric the Tiger in log cabin

What motivates you?

I am something of a perfectionist. We all put a lot of effort into making Tiger sheds, log cabins and summerhouses the best they can be  - and I want things to be purrfect.

I’m very proud to see Tiger buildings in customer’s gardens, with the distinctive badge and finials. 

What’s the best part of your job?

Looking through the great reviews we get. It’s very rewarding to receive so many five stars, but all the customer comments we get, even the occasional complaint (although they make me growl on the inside) help to make us improve to be the best at what we do.

How long have you worked at Tiger?

I have been here from the start! 

What has been your favourite project?

We do so many projects and improvements that it’s hard to pick a favourite, but making our buildings so distinctive – with the unique profile, the badge, the finials, the welcome pack and all the ‘extras’ we fit as standard – that is something that really stands out. You can tell it’s a Tiger! Beware of Imitations!

A Tiger Sheds Welcome Pack with tiger finial, tiger badge

On a personal level it has to be raising money for the WWF as part of International Tiger Day (last Saturday in July – put it in your calendar!) with our customers was very special. Long may it continue.

What are you most proud of in your work so far at Tiger?

It’s really hard to say, but creating TigerFlex® the original modular shed range over a decade ago is probably a standout moment. It’s been copied, but never bettered! That is certainly something to be very proud of! And now the unique TigerFlex® log cabin range is growing too.

Eric Tiger Sheds, TigerFlex Apex Shed, windows, garden

What do you like about working at Tiger?

One of my favourite quotes is from Mark Twain, the famous author -  “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life” - and that really applies to me.

I like sharing my expertise to help the guys here, to make sure every Tiger building earns its stripes -  but I also like sharing my knowledge to help customers find their perfect space – for example, sharing top Tiger tips for a smooth assembly.

What’s your favourite Tiger building?

One of the great things about working here is that there is always something new being launched. I like shiny new things – I guess it is the cat in me!  The Lana corner cabin is quickly becoming a customer favourite, and the Garden Pavilion too.

But you really can’t beat the best-selling Shiplap Apex Shed: one of our original designs and still very popular.

Tiger Sheds, Shiplap Apex Shed, garden, deck, trees, sky

Tiger Shiplap Apex Shed | Wooden Shiplap Sheds | Tiger Sheds 

We hope you have found it fascinating getting to know Eric and learning about his role at Tiger Sheds. Tune in soon to meet another member of the Tiger Team!

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