How to make a Christmas Wreath from Plastic Spoons

Homemade festive decor is all the rage this season. It’s a trendy, authentic and a creative way to bring Christmas cheer to any household.

If you feel inspired by homemade decor then the lead up to Christmas is the perfect time to enjoy making some.

Here at Tiger Sheds we had a go at making a wreath from plastic spoons and fell in love with the outcome. We think this wreath would look phenomenal hung up on the front of any door, including a garden shed.

Keep reading to find out how we got on with making a wreath from plastic spoons and tips on how to do it yourself.

What you will need:


  • Polystyrene wreath (you could use a circle of cardboard if you want);
  • Spray paint (in colours of your choice – we used red and gold);
  • PVA glue and a brush to apply it;
  • Lots and lots of plastic spoons;
  • Extra decoration to finish.


Step 1 – Break off the handles of the spoons – snap as much of the handle off as you can leaving just the bowl – use a cloth to hold them as the plastic can shatter.


Step 2 – Lay them out concave side down on a covered surface (preferably outside) and spray paint the first lot of spoons a colour of your choice.


Step 3 – Next, spray paint the second lot of spoons in the colour of your choice.


Step 4 – Brush the glue around the outer edge of the ring (a section at a time) and start to stick down the outer rim of spoons.


Step 5 – Continue gluing and sticking until you have completed the first layer and then leave to dry.




Step 6 – Repeat this stage with the next layer sticking them in between two spoons – like you would lay bricks and again with the final layer (you may wish to do more rings depending on the size of your wreath).





Step 7 – To cover up the untidy edges use bead decoration around the inner circle and then added some Christmas bows. Or any Christmas decoration of your choice. Then your wreath is ready to be hung up on the front of your door or potentially used as a decorative centerpiece.



Inspiration for your Christmas Wreath…

Hang up on your front door to wow passers by!


Or, if you have a garden building, give it some festive cheer and hang it on the front of your garden shed or log cabin.

For further tips on making a garden shed festive check out our latest Inspired Interiors post called Festive Cheer here. 



Share your homemade Christmas wreath with us over Twitter @TigerSheds.





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