Eat Seasonably in January & February: How to Cook with Kale

Kale is hardy and grows best in frosty weather. This means January and February are the perfect months to catch this ingredient at its freshest and tastiest. Kale is not only widely available during these months but well-suited to combatting seasonal illness and giving our bodies a boost. In today’s blog post, we take a look at kale’s health benefits and offer ten tasty recipe ideas to get you started.

One portion of cooked kale (80g) contains a mighty:

·         120mg of calcium – this puts it in the top five best sources of the mineral

·         69 micrograms of folate (the naturally occurring form of folic acid found in food) – this B vitamin supports blood formation and the immune system. It is also vital in pregnancy to support tissue growth

·         6.9mg Lutein – an anti-oxidant which helps keep the eyes healthy. This meets the RDA in just one portion

·         448µg Vitamin A – helps maintain normal skin and vision; supports the immune system

·         57g Vitamin C – supports the formation of collagen for blood vessels, bone, cartilage, gums, skin and teeth; supports the immune system; increases iron absorption; helps protect cells from oxidative damage

·         564.8 micrograms Vitamin K – role in normal blood clotting and maintaining normal bones

·         Kale is virtually fat free and low in calories

Source: Discover Kale

You could call kale fashionable at the moment but that doesn’t mean it is a fad; Kale’s earthy flavour makes it a classic winter ingredient and one that you will want to revisit year after year. It can be so simple to cook too – we love to cook ours in melted butter with a splash of lemon juice and plenty of freshly ground black pepper.

Kale is also a versatile ingredient, so to inspire you to eat seasonably, we have rounded up a host of kale recipes from some very talented food bloggers to whet your appetite:

10 Tempting Kale Recipes photo 10 Kale Recipes_zpsccgijduu-1.jpg


1) A hearty Garlicky Tomato Kale Soup,

packed full of protein-rich chickpeas and tahini for added calcium,

from Marge’s Next Meal


      2) Rustic and filling, this Cannellini Bean, Kale & Bacon Soup

from A Pug in the Kitchen

couldn’t be more simple to make


 3) Fried lemons add an unusual twist to this

Pasta with Fried Lemons, Kale & Chili Flakes

from Good Mother Diet


 4) Massage your kale to reduce bitterness ready for this

Massaged Kale with Cumin Roasted Carrots recipe

from Green Spirit Adventures


5) Turn your winter ingredients into a ray of sunshine

with these summery Black Bean & Kale Tacos

from Living Well Kitchen


6) This Supergreen Soup

from Nine Grand Student

is just the thing to give your immune system a kick-start


7) Whole-grain farro is nutty and full of texture;

a perfect base for this Farro, Kale & Carrot Salad

from Food For All


8) Go for a full detox with this Green Juice

from Jasmine Mills

that combines kale with apples and fresh ginger


9) For an imaginative take on a classic dish,

how about this Garlic Kale Pesto

from Florida Coastal Cooking?


10) Get a boost of omega-3 fatty acids

by serving Kale with Sardines

from Paleo CEO.


What are you cooking with kale this season? Share your recipe ideas over on Twitter!


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