A Room of One’s Own Day: How to relax and reflect

While the roots of this day might date back to 1928, when Virginia Woolf wrote her famous ‘A Room of One’s Own’ essay, the modern age has fully embraced the idea that a little bit of alone time can offer you a lot, including helping you to relax and reflect.

Getting some piece and quiet, and a little space, can sometimes be a very difficult challenge. How many times have we settled in to read a book, indulge in a little bit of creativity, or even just eat some cake in front of the telly without being interrupted by kids, pets, spouses or the ‘ding’ of a phone alert.

A Room of Ones Own Day is the one day a year when you can indulge in any (or all!) of these activities, guilt-free. What better way to make sure the day is un-interrupted than making use of your shed!

A space to relax and find some time all of your own is within reach…see for yourself!

Craft station

See how one customer has transformed the Tiger Penthouse in to their own craft station!

Craft station

Potting shed

Get away from it all and back to nature in the Tiger Potting Shed, offering sanctuary and peace of mind.

Tiger Potting Shed

Watch the world pass you by

Lock the doors and throw away the key! Find comfort in a Contemporary Summerhouse, a great example of how you can transform your shed in to a place to sit, relax and watch the world pass you by.

Relax in your Tiger Contemporary Summerhouse

Secret hobby

Take some inspiration from this busy building and get yourself wrapped up in a hobby while you have this time to yourself!

The Alpha Barn

Comfortable and cosy

Get cosy in one of our Cabins. Settle in with a book, or treat yourself to a nap in the comfort of the Siberian.

Reflect and watch the world go by in The Siberian

Man cave

Or even better, treat yourself to a well earned drink! This customer has truly made a space for themselves using an Amur cabin, or an Overlap Pent!

Craft the perfect Man Cave with The Amur

Man cave part 2

Go big and claim a cabin all to yourself! If it’s filled with games the way this one is, you can have hours of uninterrupted fun.

The Omega

Your own personal gym

Get a jump start on those New Years resolutions in your own personal gym!

Create you own personal gym using The Procas

Give the kids their space too

Give yourself some space by giving your kids their own space! Keep the house for yourself and let them spend the day in their own private sanctuary.

Tiger Overlap Apex

So be sure to treat yourself to a little space today, in a room all of your own!



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