Why should more people Forage?

We spoke with expert Alan Muskat, founder of the Asheville-based wild food tour company and educational organization No Taste Like Home, to find out why more people should forage!

It’s FREE.


Why spend money in supermarkets when you can find good tasty food in ‘natures supermarket’?

It’s vital to be very careful when picking food from the wild so make sure you’re completely in-the-know about what you’re picking – plus find some recipes for what you could make out of it.

It’s REALLY good for you.


Not only does it taste amazingly fresh, but it also tends to be more diverse and definitively more flavorful than anything you will find in a shop.

Along with this, as it is natural food with nothing added, it’s much better for you and can have tons of health benefits, such as giving you great skin and hair.

It gets you enjoying the outdoors.


Anything that gets you enjoying the outdoors is always going to be a positive thing.

It could be something you could do with the family or something you can do to enjoy some moments of solitude.

It’s considered sustainable.


Picking wild food from the forest hurts the forest far less than clearing it to grow food.

It’s the key to ending hunger and to provide more food to those who have less money and resources.

Picking wild food is fun.


Foraging isn’t about surviving it’s about thriving.

Going back to the basics. Not having to pay for food and simply enjoying the taste of the way food is ‘meant’ to be.

Reconnects you with nature.


After spending all day in the office many of us may feel lethargic, stressed and uninspired.

Spending some time outside with nature is great for the mind – even better when you get some free food.


Thank you Alan for discussing the benefits of foraging with us!

Head over to Alan’s blog to find out lots of interesting information (and beautiful pictures) on why to forage here.

Plus, if you enjoy growing your own food then check out our beautiful selection of Potting Sheds.

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