6 Ways to Decorate a Wooden Christmas Tree

This year we’ve put a modern ‘Tiger Sheds’ twist on our Christmas decor by making our very own Tiger Wooden Christmas Tree!

If you desire a more contemporary theme for your Christmas decor then a wooden Christmas tree is the perfect choice.

To offer some inspiration for those branching out and choosing an alternative wooden Christmas tree, below are 5 fantastically festive ways to decorate one!

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1. Keep it simple and use just lights. 

Wooden Christmas Tree

Wooden Christmas Tree

2. Fill the branches with popular Christmas chocolates.

Wooden Christmas Tree

Wooden Christmas Tree

Wooden Christmas Tree

3. Use fairy lights and fill the branches with ‘homemade inspired’ crackers.

Christmas Crackers



4. Break all the rules and use an array of colourful baubles. 

Wooden Christmas Tree



5. Tone it down and use trendy authentic baubles. 




6. Add a little more colour to your authentic baubles with traditional red beads. 


Wooden Christmas Tree


Few inspirational thoughts for a more Alternative Christmas…

CEO and interior decorator at Artificial Plants and Trees, Doug Hopeman, says:

”Skip the big green Christmas tree and opt for an upside down Christmas tree. An upside down Christmas tree is a unique focal point in your holiday decor and you can still decorate it like you would a normal tree.”

Professional Christmas tree decorator & provider, Deemer Cass, says:

”The possibilities for alternative Christmas trees are endless. The Internet is flooded with beautiful yet unusual ideas you can take inspiration from. The only limit is literally your imagination. People are drawing trees on walls, assembling them from shelves, putting them together from satin paper, Christmas lights or even used egg boxes.

Some keep it simple, some like it flamboyant.

This will be your alternative Christmas tree so make it as you like…”

Let us know in the comments if you have any tips on creating alternative Christmas trees and decor!


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