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Published: 01/02/2020

Light mornings mean better days but how can you brighten your mood throughout the working day? Waking up to a little bit of sunshine may help you to feel awake, more positive and ready to take on the day ahead! But as the day goes on it's easy to start to lose that motivation and therefore productivity at work! We hope that this post will offer some great advice on how you can make some small changes during the day which may help you feel brighter and happier at your workplace.

Your desk and working space

If you're sat at a desk for the majority of the day it can be difficult to stay focused and to not feel restless. Put some time aside today to clean your desk and rearrange it. Sometimes when you rearrange a space it can make you feel as though you're somewhere new therefore giving the illusion that you've changed scenery. If you can, add some colour and personalise your desk. This is a great way of expressing yourself and to make you feel more homey than at work. Try to bring plenty of light to your working space by opening the blinds or cracking open a window. If this isn't possible then consider taking small breaks during the day to go somewhere light. This can really help to clear your head.


Eat happy food and eat well! Bananas contain serotonin which produces the 'happy hormone' therefore making you feel a little more jolly. Nuts are also proven to help improve your mood and of course so is chocolate. Sometimes when you're at work it can be a good idea to set yourself personal awards for achieving goals. If it's an hour before lunch then get that boring spreadsheet you've been putting off for days done and make that dreaded phone call because soon you be enjoying a nice tasty meal.


People always say 'drink plenty of water' but it really does work. When you start to feel overwhelmed, lethargic or fed up water can pick your mood up and help to clear you head. Make it a priority to always have a big bottle of water on your desk and take pride in drinking it often.


Sometimes no matter what you do you just can't budge that bad mood or find enough motivation to get you through the day. Most of the time this is created by yourself and can easily be resolved by changing your perspective. Make a list of five reasons why you feel the way you feel and then consider how to solve these issues. Discuss how you feel with a trustworthy college, you never know they could have have the answer to help you! Give yourself a break! Go take five minutes to compose yourself and prep yourself for the rest of the day. Ensure to stay present and focus on the task in hand. Don't worry about what has or what will happen as this will cause your mind to overwork!

Little mood lifters

  • Be kind to someone
  • Laugh
  • Dress bright
  • Buy flowers
  • Drink green tea
  • Go for a nice walk at lunch
  • Read jokes
  • Make a list of things you're looking forward to
  • Read uplifting quotes
  • Listen to happy music
  • Be silly
  • Laugh at yourself
  • Make a compliment
  • Listen to someone else's problem
  • Help someone with something
  • Really enjoy your food
  • Compliment yourself
  • Enjoy your work more
  • Get things done and feel good
  • Smile more  

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