Why have an indoor garden?

Published: 31/10/2016

Discover the benefits of indoor gardens, tips on how to start your very own and great ideas on what to plant.

Benefits of indoor gardening.


It will save you a fortune.  Your indoor garden has so much potential as you can grow a lot of different herbs, vegetables and fruits all year long. Once you get into the rhythm of know what to plant and when you will save a lot of money on food. raspberries-423194_960_720

It will chill you out.  It's proven that gardening makes you feel calmer and more centered, and that still applies with indoor gardening! The satisfaction of growing your own food is extremely good for the soul.


You don't actually need a large garden. Or any garden.  By far the best thing about indoor gardening is that you don't need to have a huge garden. Or any garden. Due to urban sprawl there are far more people living in flats or small homes which don't have access to a garden. Indoor gardening allows you to enjoy the benefits of gardening from the comfort of your own home (literally). window-593364_960_720 You don't have to worry about bad weather.  Once winter comes along it can be very difficult keeping your plants and herbs sheltered and protected from extreme weather conditions. If you grow an indoor garden then the only thing you need to be concerned about is the sunlight, and they're always ways to gain artificial light. rain-stoppers-1461288_960_720

It improves your interior.  An indoor garden looks beautiful! You can arrange all your plants neatly so they look ascetically pleasing and some herbs and plants even give off pleasant smells. mirror-1138098_960_720 Indoor gardens provide easy access to delicious herbs which improve most recipes! If you grow your herbs indoors then you have quick access to grabbing them during cooking. No longer will you forget to pick up the basil or peppers and ruin a delicious meal! cooking-698605_960_720

Tips on starting an indoor garden.


If you're new to gardening then herbs are a great place to start, as they're fairly easy to grow and maintain. You can pick up seeds online or from a Garden Centre, and they have full instructions on how to grow them on the packet. Then, have some fun picking your plant pots. Choose a selection of pots which compliment each other and the interior. vase-1095322_960_720 You will then need to pick a dedicated spot for your indoor garden. Generally, you need to ensure that your garden gets plenty of daylight for your plants to thrive in and isn't too cold.

What to grow in your indoor garden.


We spoke with creator of Rebecca Lee to gain some advice on what plants to grow indoors for people who are new to gardening. 'I am a huge advocate for eating organic foods and I make my own herbs right from my apartment's limited space. If you are new to gardening, growing herbs is the way to go. Most herbs are easy to grow and are budget-friendly. Growing organic vegetables is a lot cheaper than buying them from a market. It can also be a great project the entire family can work on together, while learning the importance of eating healthy. Here are some of the *easiest herbs to grow*, in a limited space: 1. Chives; 2. Oregano; 3. Parsley; 4. Lemongrass; 5. Basil; 6. Aloe Vera (not an herb, but super easy to grow, and very practical)' For more advice on growing herbs view the Lets Go Gardening article on Herbs here. Mint is also very easy to grow and a great activity to do with children. Check out this easy infographic from Sainsbury's Bank - Money Matters Blog which shows all you need to know about growing mint in your own home. Sainsbury’s Bank Guide to Growing your own mint

Companion Gardening.

companion-gardening Understanding 'companion planting' can be useful if you plan to grow a lot of plants in one small space. Indoors or out. Bryan Traficante, Co-founder from discussed the importance of companion planting with us. 'Companion planting is the process of growing 2+ plants in an immediate area that are complimentary to each other in order to promote their well being. Companion planting is a way to bring compatible plants together for a more productive garden , for example by eliminating our separate herb garden and mixing the herbs in with the vegetables. It can help with pest control, pollination, making the best use of your space, increasing crop productivity, and providing habitats for beneficials.' So it's worth baring in mind what will be planted next to each other and carrying out some research beforehand to see how your plants can compliment each other.

Indoor Gardening Products.

Grow Cabinets.

During winter it can be difficult to keep your plants alive due to the bad weather and lack of sunlight. A Grow Cabinet can allow you to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs at any time of the year and provide you will full control. Head here to view Cabinet Garden Grow Cabinets. main_img

The Smart Herb Garden.

shg_0009_valge If you want fresh herbs but for some reason just keep killing them, or want a more controlled way to do it, then this is the product for you. All you have to do with The Smart Herb garden is plug it in, fill the tank and the smart garden will take care of the rest! It helps your herbs grow faster and more nutritious. Click here to view.

Final note.

Indoor gardening can be a fantastic alternative for people who are really keen to start gardening but have no space to grow anything outdoors. Anyone can start an indoor garden you just need to make decision on what to plant and do your research! We're currently growing peppers in the Tiger Sheds office, check out how we're getting along here

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