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What to do this summer...

Published: 10/08/2018

Summer is well on its way but if you’re stuck for ideas on how to make the most of it, then it’s time to get motivated with our top tips and ideas on what to do this summer!

Get walking

Mother and Son doing the Walk for Life walk

Image Credits: Walk4Life.com[

You’re never too far from somewhere beautiful where you can enjoy a refreshing and tranquil walk. But even just walking to work or school can make a massive change to your mood and health. Unsure on where you can go? Then visit Walk 4 life which can help to motivate and assist you with planning walks. This website was set up to help ‘reluctant’ walkers become motivated to walk more, even just walking to work, walking on lunchtimes, walking to school etc. It also allows people to create their own walks, measure the distance and even view the database of walks near to them. Basically, everything you need to become a dedicated walker! So why not plan out a few walks this summer? Then whilst you’re on your way to work or nipping to the shops you can soak in the summer sunshine. Click here to go onto the website and begin planning those summer walks.

Get to the seaside

Whitby beach at sunset

Image Credits: Whitby Guides

Just picture it…. Fish and chips, 2p machines, ice creams then a relaxing stroll along the coast. The UK is filled with beautiful beaches and stunning seaside views just waiting to be explored. Whitby is a popular seaside resort, as it offers everything you need from a beach getaway! Great views, lots to do, lots to eat and of course all those amusements. Want to plan a seaside trip this summer? Then use the Whitby guide which can help you find all the great places to eat, drink and relax to ensure you make the most of it.

Get volunteering

Crowd of people doing a charity run

Image Credits: Wikipedia.org

Another great way to enjoy the warmer weather could be to volunteer for charity and do something valuable and enjoyable. Test yourself with a long race? Or a challenging hike? Maybe a bungee jump or a stimulating swim? Whatever you fancy, completing a charity event over summer is a great way to feel accomplished and challenged whilst helping others. To help you find your chosen charities and events click here to go onto a website called Charity Choice, this will help you find and search for charitable occasions faster and easier and even help you keep them organised neatly.

Get Cooking

Three women cooking

Image Credits: FreeStockPhoto

Those long nights, dinner parties and BBQ s provide the perfect opportunity to whip up something new in the kitchen. Now with millions of recipes at our fingertips anybody can become a chef with the right amount of dedication and time. Here are some of the top food blogs filled with great recipes for you to try out this summer:

Perfect to get your little ones eating clean and healthy but still full of exciting recipes to try out.

Full of exotic recipes and inspirational ideas for cooking.

Some great recipes for beginners and generally filled with a range of recipes.

For those who are looking for a great summer diet filled with low carb meal ideas.

Extensive list of recipe ideas and a great food dictionary to help you discover all kinds of food. We hope you've found this post inspiring and it helps you to make some exciting and challenging plans for summer!

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