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Top 5 ways to enjoy Easter

Published: 01/04/2015

The long Easter Weekend is almost here, phew! But are you still stuck on how to best relish those precious days off?


Have a read of our top five ways to enjoy the bank holiday weekend then get cracking with making them happen!


  1. Did someone say EGG HUNT?

This is a great, cost-efficient way to get the little ones enjoying Easter. If you’re a parent, Netmums have pulled together a fantastic detailed guide on throwing the perfect Egg hunt with children.  

  1. Fancy being productive?

  A long weekend can be the perfect time to shorten that ever growing to do list... So clear out the wardrobe, paint the fence, buy that shed, visit a relative you haven’t seen in a while…there’s so many positive ways you can use this extra-long weekend. Maybe have one productive day then one fun day? Blogger Alex wrote up 10 Positive Ways to spend your Easter Weekend to give you some further inspirational ideas.  

  1. Decorate an Egg competition

  Just a few tips:

  1. Gather everything you need a few days before Easter so you’re well prepped. If you’re competing against friends, a partner or work colleagues then buy your crafts separately to not give away what you’re making.
  2. Set a time on the day.
  3. Choose a non-biased judge to pick the best egg.
  4. Prep your working area then set a timer. No longer than an hour. (With younger kids can be wise to take small breaks.
  5. Have fun decorating your eggs! Make them into your favourite actors/actresses, superheroes and celebrities.
  6. Once finished the judge must pick the best egg. Can be fun to have a prize. For young children can give everyone a small chocolate egg as a prize?


  1. We’re all going on an Easter holiday

Grab your suitcase, fill up the car, pack some sandwiches and get ready for a fun weekend with your family, friends, partner or maybe just yourself. Feeling adventurous? Jump in the car, grab a map (or Google Maps) and go anywhere you fancy! You can get holidays for cheap online days before you travel (depends how quick you can pack.) If you’re looking to be inspired with a new fitness activity then have a look on BBC Get Inspired for UK things to do.  

  1. Get cooking… 

  A huge part of Easter that everyone relishes is food. Chocolate, sweets and of course that heart-warming Easter dinner…mmm… And with a nice long weekend it’s the perfect time to try something a little different. Maybe get all the family involved and have a whirl at cooking some Easter favourites such as Hot Cross Buns or make some delicious chocolate cakes! Give all of your eager little helpers a job with the Sunday dinner? Don’t forget to share your tasty treats with us.   Have a great #EasterWeekend and share your #egghunt #egg decoration with @tigersheds

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