6 Ways To Reduce Waste

Published: 13/09/2016

Recycling is very important, but there's also a lot we can do to reduce the amount of waste in which we create. Below are six questions to ask yourself if you're keen to reduce waste and maybe even get a little creative with it. Tweet us your tips for reducing waste #RecycleWeek @TigerSheds

 1 - Do you still want to be subscribed to that catalog?


Are you subscribed to a monthly catalog that you never look through and throw away immediately? Something as simple as unsubscribing could help to reduce wastage. Also, if you generally want to stop unsolicited mail, which you instantly throw away, then you can easily do this via the Mail Preference Service.

2 - Can you upcycle it?

upcycled lamp

Upcycling is a trendy way to re-purpose your items rather than throwing them away. You can literally find another purpose for anything! If you're seeking some inspirational ideas then head over to Upcycle That for some great ideas. Molly Mutt is a dog bed company which is built on the idea of waste reduction through upcycling. When they sell a dog bed they sell duvet - a beautiful, high quality duvet - that pet parents then stuff with with old clothes, towels, blankets and such found around the home. This reduces pollution that is associated with the production of traditional dog beds, keeps unwanted fabrics out of the landfill, creates a bed that is completely washable, and gives dogs a place to rest that smells just like their owner. That's a win-win!

3 - Do you REALLY need to buy that?


A really simple and straightforward way to reduce the waste that you create is to buy less. Be thoughtful about what you're buying and plan your meals so you don't buy more food than you will eat. If you do by some chance find you have a lot of items in your cupboard that you don't need, then consider donating some of them to a food bank. You can find your local food bank on The Trussell Trust.

4 - Can you store your food better so it lasts longer?

jam jars

How you store and package your food will massively impact how long it will last. Mason Jars are now a really popular way to store food and also look great presented in your kitchen. is a great website filled with fantastic jars along with inspiring ideas on how to use them. We also came across a really unique website called 'The Other Duckling'. We think their Vintage Style Glass Preserves Jars are an excellent way to store your food so it will last longer and will look great displayed in your kitchen.


5 - Can you give or sell your unwanted items to someone else?


Even though there are a lot of charity shops and services which now pick up your unwanted clothes, some pieces of clothing are still being chucked in the bin. Recycle Now wrote a great article discussing where you can recycle your pieces of clothing, discussing a variety of options so there's something suitable for everyone.

6 - Can you increase your storage?


Sometimes people chuck items away as they feel they don't have the space for them around their home, especially after giving your home a 'spring clean' or after redecorating. If you find clever ways to create more storage space then you may discover that you will use and are likely to keep more items than you think. We did a post on 'Fun storage solutions for around the home' which could offer some insight on how to make more storage space for around the home. Additionally, we offer a range of beautiful and inexpensive Storage Sheds which are a great way to keep your garden (and home) neat and orderly.   Great websites and companies to help further this cause: Keep Britain Tidy Recycle Now The Green Office Let us know your tips and ideas on how we can all reduce our waste and maybe even have some fun doing it!

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