Top 10 Garden Resource Blogs

Published: 27/04/2011

With the summer sun well upon us, it's time for the avid green fingered gardeners to prepare their garden. In order to find the best community base to prepare us for the summer, we have launched a competition to find out the best gardening blog of 2011! After months of research the following 10 blogs & communities were identified (in no particular order):

1) The Guardian Gardening Blog The Guardian's Gardening blog has been around for many years, and is regularly updated by popular gardening editors with useful gardening related content. Find one of their recent posts here.

2) Digging This United States based gardening resource is owned by Pam, a Texas based gardener. She has developed her garden environment for many years, and regularly posts content on her gardening journey. Find one of her recent posts here.

3) Veggie Gardening Tips Veggie Gardening Tips is a gardening portal for useful tips and advice on how to grow vegetables naturally and organically, the blog has some excellent guides on how to grow certain vegetables effectively. Find one of their recent posts here.

4) Gardeners World Blog Gardeners World is a BBC owned gardening portal. World gardening experts regularly update the blog with essential tips and advice for gardening related matters, making it a very trusted resource for gardening enthusiasts. Find one of their recent posts here.

5) GrowsonYou GrowsonYou is a gardening based community & blogging resource where members can share their gardening tips and tricks with one another. Find one of their recent posts here.

6) Guerilla Gardening Guerrilla is an interesting community base, which encourages the creation of gardening in public areas such as on side streets and roundabouts. The blog is frequently updated by members who have come across attractive looking public gardens and flower patches. Find one of their recent posts here.

7) Cold Climate Gardening

Cold Climate Gardening is a unique gardening resource which offers tips and advice for gardeners who live in cold climates. The blog has a wide range of posts relating to cold climate gardens and how they can be brought to life despite their unfortunate cold temperatures. Here is one of their recent posts here.

8) Gardening Gone Wild Gardening gone wild is an internationally recognised gardening blogging community in which aims to 'inspire and inform' its readers with a global perspective on all things gardening. Find one of their recent posts here.

9) A Way to Garden A Way to Garden is maintained by garden enthusiast Margaret Roach, she was earlier awarded best garden book of the year in 1998, and her success has continued with her gardening blog, which has a high number of regular subscribers. Find one of her recent posts here.

10) Garden Rant Garden Rant is a well known gardening blogging network which has won a number of best blog awards in the past. The blog is regularly updated by four gardening editors who have created a huge following among the gardening network. Find one of their recent posts here.  

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