Tiger Sheds Grow Along 1 - Growing Baby Lettuce

Published: 07/07/2015

We've asked eight bloggers to take part in our Urban Gardening project by growing their own Baby Lettuce Leaves in our bespoke Tiger Shed planters... Over the next 30 days we'll be sharing updates along with top tips on Urban Gardening and growing your very own delicious lettuce! Interested in getting your fingers green but don’t have the luxury of a big garden? Urban gardening is becoming more and more popular especially with young people, as it offers the flexibility to grow fruit and veg no matter where you live. We wanted to take part in this up-and-coming gardening trend so we asked a group of bloggers to have a go and grow their own lettuce using one of our bespoke Tiger Shed planters and Tiger Shed kits. As it sounded like a lot of fun, we also decided to take part and grow our own lettuce. Every week we're going to be sharing updates, tips and advice on urban gardening and growing your own lettuce at home. So far a good handful of our eight bloggers have already began growing their lettuce and kindly shared their images over Twitter. Looks like they had a lot of fun with it (and messy).

Blogger Update  #Tigergrowalong

Everything Mummy  - Blogger Amy Cooper

Children gardening

Stressy Mummy - Blogger Nikki Thomas

Child planting lettuce leaves

Hello Deborah - Deborah

Tiger Sheds Urban Gardening Kit

Tiger Sheds update 

On Monday we planted our seeds and began growing our baby lettuce leaves. Just as we are with the blogger updates we will be letting you know how our lettuce is growing! Tiger Sheds planting lettuce leaves Tiger Sheds covering seeds with soil

Want to join in?

How to Grow Baby Lettuce Leaves Step One: Fill pot with soil to one inch below the top rim. Mist with water to dampen. Step Two: Sprinkle the seeds over the top of the smoothed out compost. Cover with a light dusting of compost. Step Three: Place in a spot with good natural light for the seeds to germinate. Step Four: Water regularly to keep the soil moist but not soggy. Step Five: Once the baby leaves have formed after around 3-4 weeks, cut the leaves 2.5cm from the base. It is best to cut in the morning for fresher leaves.

Update from 10.07.15 - 5 Days  We're thrilled by how well our Baby Lettuce has come along in just five days....

Lettuce leaves growing from Tiger Sheds Close up Lettuce Leaves growing

Another blogger taking part, Gemma Garner, received her kit on Tuesday, so looking forward to seeing her updates!

Tiger Sheds Urban Gardening Kit

Along with Fiona - Mummy's Little Stars - who looked like she had plenty of fun with it!

Child in compost bag Child planting Lettuce Leaves Children planting Lettuce Leaves

If you will also be joining in with our grow along project then share your updates with us on Twitter @TigerSheds #Tigergrowalong  

Update from 20.07.15 - 15 Days Our Baby Lettuce Leaves have grown extremely quickly in just a matter of days!! Tiger Sheds Update

Lettuce Growing in planter

Blogger Updates Looks as though our blogger's lettuce is also growing fast...

Everything Mummy Green nearly grown lettuce leaves

Mummy's Little Stars

Overhead shot of green lettuce leaves

Gemma Garner

Green Baby Lettuce Leaves

Everything Mummy

  Baby with green Lettuce Leaves

Stressy Mummy

Boy with planter and green lettuce leaves

We're now at the halfway point and it looks as though everyone's Baby Lettuce is growing nicely. It just goes to show how simple it can be to grow lettuce inside your home using urban gardening as a method. It also means that everyone can too grow their own lettuce at home and enjoy the taste of freshly picked greens...yum! The important factors we've picked up on so far is location, moisture and care. It's vital to find a spot in your room that gets around twelve hours of light. We're really lucky as we have light more or less all day where we placed our planter. Of course it's vital for you to water the lettuce but the best way to do this is using a watering can to mimic rainfall. Could be a great opportunity to purchase a quirky little watering can? Finally, paying attention to the leaves to see if they need more water or moving into a brighter area etc. For example, if the leaves are looking a bit yellowy and off colour, probably wise to increase how often you water them as they will more than likely be starved.  

Thank you to all our bloggers involved in our first Tiger Grow Along, we hope you made a lovely meal with your Baby Lettuce! CLwKtwYUMAAfhNa.jpg large

We've just started a brand new Tiger Grow Along but this time we're growing herbs, check out our updates here. 

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