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Published: 27/04/2021

It's National Gardening Week! Ending Sunday, 2 May, the event is organised by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). As the RHS website states, the pandemic has made more people rely on their gardens than ever before. And it’s no wonder when you consider scientific studies now provide “robust evidence” that gardening has significant health benefits! [1]

The potential benefits of getting more “Vitamin G”

In 2021, the organisers of the event also want to highlight the differences gardening can make to the lives of people in the UK. If you haven’t already guessed, “Vitamin G” is the RHS’ term for gardening – and the charity is using it to highlight the health benefits of getting green fingers. In particular, scientists point to the way in which gardening appears to help reduce anxiety, stress and depression [2], as well as heart disease, circulation issues, diabetes and obesity [3]. With the health benefits of gardening in mind, this year’s National Gardening Week is designed to celebrate “the feel-good power of plants and gardens” [4].

How to get involved in National Gardening Week

Whether you don’t have much gardening experience and you’re wondering how you can get involved, or you’re an experienced gardener looking for inspiration – that’s great! To help you get started, the RHS website includes lots of tips and advice. So, whether you want to “sow speedy annuals”, trim your lawn edges, repot your plants, or even sweep your patio and paths (and much more besides) – the National Gardening Week web page has all the information you need.

But what if you don’t have your own garden?

Houseplants sitting on windowsill in the sun

Well, as Professor Alistair Griffiths, Director of Science at RHS, says, “you don’t even need to have your own garden to get your Vitamin G.” This is great news for people who live in flats or in urban areas with little or no greenspace. As the BBC’s Gardener’s World website states, there are plenty of ways to garden without a garden, including using houseplant displays and growing vegetables and herbs on the windowsill [5].

Space to Grow

Tiger Potting Shed in a garden during summer

We’re encouraging every one of our readers to get involved in National Gardening Week. And don’t forget – whether you need a greenhouse or potting shed for your plants, or a place to keep your gardening tools, Tiger Sheds have you what you need to give your garden Space to Grow! During National Gardening Week, you can take advantage of free UK delivery and our unrivalled 20-year guarantee!


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