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Inspired Interiors 1: Serenity

Published: 13/04/2016

Welcome to our brand new blog series - Inspired Interiors. Every month we're going to decorate a different Tiger Sheds building with a fresh, interior decor scheme! We'll discuss the design, the colour scheme, the building model and let you know where you can get the products from so that you can recreate the same look at home!

The chosen product that we will decorate this month is The Tiger Contemporary Summerhouse. 


Why we chose this product. As it's coming up to summer we thought we would decorate one of the Tiger Sheds Summerhouses. We chose the Contemporary Summerhouse as it's fantastically designed with huge glass windows which bring in pools of light creating an airy and bright space.

Mood board for this month's Interior Decor Scheme. 


Brief description: We created this scheme with the idea that it calms all the senses and provides a cosy, tranquil room to feel really relaxed and instantly at ease in. We think this scheme would work perfectly for anyone hoping to create a relaxing garden room for socialising and to embrace their garden in. We believe in order to feel truly serene and at ease you need to please all of your senses; so this interior decor scheme focuses on creating something in the room that satisfies every one of your senses...

The Tiger Contemporary Summerhouse decorated using 'Serenity'. 


How Serenity is designed to please all the senses: Visual: The neutral shades create a calm and peaceful vibe whilst the splashes of blue add colour and brighten up the space. We also think these shades of blue make you subconsciously think of being at the beach or enjoying a nice summers day with a clear, blue sky. The white, whispy curtains give the space a look of paradise whilst the curved, floor lamp is a great alternative to harsh, ceiling lighting. The interesting wall art and huge, wall sticker add charm to the design and give your mind something to focus on. Kami Gray, Interior Designer for Kami Gray Interior Design, says, ''The secret of creating a serene space is bringing nature inside without creating a jungle.'' So we've brought nature inside by using a selection of dark browns, with the wicker couch and wooden chime, to give that 'natural' vibe. Touch: We've suggested a painted floor in our concept image with a cosy, area rug. Not only will the rug feel warm underfoot but it will also soften the acoustics of the space. Tiffani Stutzman, Interior Designer for Tiffani Stutzman Design, says, ''Items with comfortable plush textures create a more relaxing space than hard or shiny items.'' This is why we've picked the white, cosy sofa with some nice cushions and throws! Smell: Josie Abate, Interior Designer at ambience.ca, says, '' Scent can contribute to the mood of a room. Fragrance can be incorporated with potpourri, scented oil, diffuses, incense or air fresheners.'' In our concept image we've added in some fresher flowers and scented candles to give a light, natural odour to the room! Sound: The wooden chime that we've placed in the contemporary image will create a much softer sound than say a metal one. It will create a more calming effect which will help you to relax. Taste: The sofa provides the perfect spot to relax with a nice glass of red wine - you could even add a rustic, wine cabinet so you don't have to move far.

Get the look!

Here are some of the products that we used in our Serenity concept image and where you can find them:

Wicker White Couch.

White, wicker sofa - 6 Piece Sectional Living Room Set from American Rattan.

John Lewis Jpg.                       

 Wood Chime Natural background

Blue Patterned Throw Pillow - Harlequin Salice Cushion Blue from John Lewis £45.00 Wooden Chime - Woodstock Antique Copper Finish Steel Moonlight Waves Outdoor Garden Wind Chime from Ebay $25.50 Lamp with grey background NEXT                     Wall Sticker.

Floor Lamp - Large Curve Arm Floor Lamp from Next £90

Wall Sticker - Wood Print Woodland Cowparsley Wall Stickers £80 We need your feedback. We're really keen to gain your feedback on this so that we're producing ideas that people want to read about. Please let us know if you have any thoughts - maybe you want to see what you can do with a tool room, a small log cabin or a nice idea for a standard garden shed?

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