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How to get your Garden BBQ Ready

Published: 30/06/2018

Now that summer is here, it's time to get your garden BBQ ready! Follow these five easy steps to impress your guests and enjoy your BBQ.

Mow it all over

Lawn Mower The perfect place to start is the lawn. This will make a huge difference to your garden and won't take too long at all. Lawnsmith created an interesting guide providing some tips and tricks on cutting your grass. Head here to give it a read.

Add more hanging baskets and flowers

Haning flowers Freshen up the look of your garden and add a splash of colour with some hanging flowers. You can either buy these from a garden centre or flower shop ready made or alternatively you can make your very own. Unique flower planters have kind of become a bit of a thing, as more and more people use unusual items as a way to grow flowers. You could even upcycle something and use it as a flower planter if you're feeling really creative!

Touch up any paint

Touch up paint work Anywhere that has previously been painted in your garden, touch it all up so it looks brand new! Think about your garden shed, gates, fences, decking etc. If you want to give your garden a completely different look then consider repainting something in a  fresh bright colour or adding creative stencils for a more artistic look.

Be the part with a new grill and gear

BBQ sausages If you already have a relatively new BBQ, then just give it a good clean and ensure it's looking as good as it did last summer. However, if your BBQ has seen better days then consider purchasing a new grill and even some cool, new equipment to make everyone else envious. Before picking your next BBQ consider if you want a gas or a charcoal one. We would also advise to go for a BBQ with a lid or hood, especially if you want your new BBQ to last a while, as they will help to protect your BBQ from the elements. Another important factor is to consider where you will store the BBQ during winter, a garden shed or garage can be perfect for this!

Prepare enough outdoor tables for plenty of space for a feast

BBQ Buffet Table If you want to throw big outdoor parties with plenty of guests then it's probably wise to consider how you will lay out all of your tasty food. Some people move tables from the indoors to outside but this could result in damaging your indoor tables when you move them back in, especially if it rains or your forget to move them in right away. You don't need to spend a fortune but consider purchasing some tables purely for the use of outdoor parties, they can be something that fold up so you can store them during winter or something you could then sell at the end of the summer period. Dress up the tables so they look nice with stylish tablecloths and napkins. This is a really easy way to bring some colour to your garden and make your outdoor space look like it's ready for a party! For more tips on food and decorations, join us over on our BBQ Pinterest Planning board.

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