Amazing Health Benefits of Ginger

Published: 03/11/2016

Ginger is amongst the world's healthiest spices. It's not only a delicious ingredient to add to your recipes, it's also the perfect remedy for a bad cold or to cure nausea. Keep reading to discover some expert advice on the amazing health benefits of ginger.

1. It alleviates the symptoms of flu.

bowl-336538_960_720 Olivia, CEO and Founder of, discussed with us how ginger can actually help with those horrible flu symptoms. 'Flu is something that everyone dreads and also ends up catching at one point or another. Although there is no medical cure that can eliminate the onset of flu, there are herbal remedies that can greatly alleviate the symptoms associate with it. An interesting fact is that plants are sensitive to colds and flu like humans. Although, plants have the added capability of making their own chemicals to combat the flu. A lovely remedy is the use of ginger juice. However the juice has to be fresh, otherwise the remedy will not work. Once the juice is ready, it can be bottled and placed in the fridge. When the flu season arrives,the clever thing to do is to prepare a tea with this juice.'

2. It can help you lose weight.

spices-932176_960_720 Cara Walsh, R.D. of Medifast California, gave her advice on the health benefits of ginger and losing weight. 'Ginger is often used as an ingredient when people want to lose weight because the roots natural properties promote weight loss. It has a thermogenic effect that activates the metabolism, making it a calorie-burner.'

3. It has an anti inflammatory nature.

tea-599227_960_720 Dilini Rodrigo, from Team Bikini Babe Tea, shared his knowledge on the health benefits of ginger and how it can help regular gym-goers. 'Ginger is one of my favourite life saving ingredients that I always have in my kitchen. I believe Ginger has an anti inflammatory nature to it and having Ginger water on the first day at Gym after a holiday is also helpful for me to reduce or avoid any serious muscle pain.'

4. It relives morning sickness, motion sickness and general nausea.

ginger-1714106_960_720 Mituri Pradip Sharma, from Nim-Véda Australia, spoke with us about how ginger is a popular remedy for expecting mothers struggling with morning sickness and generally any kind nausea. 'This wonder food is also known to relieve nausea, morning sickness and motion sickness as well headaches and sore throats often associated with colds and flus.' Frida Harju, in-house nutritionist at health app, Lifesum, also discusses how ginger can help with digestion and sickness; 'Ginger has a lot of digestion-friendly properties ad clears the ‘microcirculatory channels’ of the body – including the sinuses. Ginger tea is also thought to reduce motion sickness, and can reduce both nausea and stomach pain.'

5. It can help you to unwind.


Toby Balsiger, from Tea Mind Body, discusses how ginger in tea can actually help you to unwind and relax. 'We love to use fresh ginger steeped in our teas. Try adding some chopped up fresh ginger to a cup of tulsi tea with a squeeze of lemon, and you'll feel great! Tulsi, ginger, and lemon are full of immune supporting health benefits that will help anytime you're feeling stressed out.'

6. It's a digestive aid.

ginger-1191945_960_720 Janice, from Garden of Essences, shared her experience with ginger relating to the digestive system. 'Ginger has been used for centuries, as a digestive aid. Many people have found that when they are suffering from indigestion, for some reason, the over-the-counter remedies sometimes fail to work. But by simply drinking ginger tea, one feels almost immediately settled. Ginger Tea can be made with finely grated, fresh ginger root, simmered in water for twenty minutes. Strain the ginger pieces, then drink as is, or add honey, cinnamon, or nutmeg. There are some ready made ginger teabags, which are good, but not as potent as using raw ginger root. The raw ginger contains phenolic compounds, which calm intestinal spasms.'

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