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How to Decorate your Shed for Christmas

Published: 26/11/2020

Christmas is nearly here, and as we speak, people across the country are putting their Christmas trees up, hanging their Christmas lights and hooking their stockings up above the fireplace. Christmas decorating goes across the entire home and sometimes out into the front or back garden, but an often overlooked spot for Christmas cheer is your shed or your garden office. Normally a summer fixture for sunny days and warm nights, our garden buildings are regularly neglected when it comes to celebrating Christmas. Our garden buildings provide a great opportunity to meet with family or friends outdoors and in safety during the pandemic (in accordance with local regulations of course). With this in mind we can bring the festive spirit outdoors by decorating our sheds or cabins. They also provide a handy spot to keep presents tucked away from prying eyes! We’re here to help with this fun blog, providing some cheerful ways you can decorate your shed or garden office this Christmas. Read on for tips on preparing your garden buildings for the festive season!  

  1. Light it up!

The colourful lights of the festive period are what brings a splash of life to the wintry months. We all love to see Christmas light displays illuminating our streets and lighting up your shed decorations can make for a merry seasonal sight to look out at every morning. Buy some battery powered outdoor-specific LED lights this Christmas for your shed and try to place them around the shed’s roof and eaves as safely as you can. If you don’t feel comfortable climbing up to put the lights on the outside, you can always arrange them tastefully around your shed’s window for a rosy interior.

  Christmas Shed  

  1. Pop a wreath on the door

Wreaths are a classic example of a Christmas decoration, associated commonly with the advent period and dating back through centuries of Christmas traditions. Hanging one from a nail on your shed’s door can give your garden buildings a traditional festive look. Christmas wreaths are available from a number of shops, and you can get them in all shapes, colours and sizes. Alternatively, as a fun idea for the family, you can make your own. It’s not too difficult and you can get everyone involved! Learn more about how to make your own with this helpful guide.  

  1. Create a cosy Christmas shed den

Some of the best parts about winter is getting tucked up indoors and in a cosy space to (hopefully) watch the snow gently cover the world in a crisp white blanket. If you have a log cabin in your garden, or a garden office, now is the time to turn it into a special festive headquarters for your friends and family. Crack open the tinsel box, grab some Christmas blankets and make sure you’ve got a reliable and safe heat source to keep things toasty. Bring some snacks and some Christmas films to watch on a laptop or a TV, and you’re all set for a wonderful Christmas day or evening with your loved ones.  

  1. Put up a Christmas tree

While we’re thinking of sprucing up your home office or log cabin’s interior, there’s no excuse for not putting up your outdoor building’s very own Christmas tree! A tree, either artificial or real, brings that touch of Christmas spirit, and for an extra special addition, you could put some surprise presents at the base for your family to discover on the big day. Make sure you measure your tree and the ceiling of your outdoor building to ensure your Christmas shed decoration can be done with the tree in mind – there’s nothing worse with your shed decorations than bringing home a tree that doesn’t fit.  

  1. Build your own Santa’s Grotto

Make this Christmas extra special for your kids, and build a Santa’s Grotto in your shed! Fill your shed with all kinds of Santa-focused Christmas decorations, and then on the big day, get kitted up in your finest Santa gear, invite your kids into the Grotto and watch their eyes light up! Other Santa’s grotto elements to consider include bringing in a big and sturdy enough chair for Santa to sit on, as well as ensuring the shed is warm enough to receive visitors. You can also set up some Christmas music in the background for your DIY Santa Grotto shed. 

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