10 Home Improvement Ideas On A January Budget

Published: 11/01/2019

So here we are battling through the early stages of January, Christmas is over, the trimmings are down, and the house looks, well…bare! If you are like us, we hate having to take down the Christmas decorations that have hidden imperfections and that annoying patch on the ceiling that you really need to repair. The one you have placed a shiny decoration over all Christmas, so you forget about it…until now. Why not use this opportunity whilst the weather is bleak to brighten up your home with a low-cost new year makeover?

1. An easy mess free way to hang a curtain rod If you're in a bind and need to hang some curtains without damaging the walls, why not use some Command Hooks instead?


2. Recycle old costume jewellery into sparkly tiebacks Make your curtains the belle of the living room with this fun idea and show the neighbours that even in January you are still glam

3. Can't decide on the right colour? Use this online tool We know it can be tough to choose the right colour for your room, or even agree on a colour with your significant other. Well thanks to this super tool tool you can virtually see how a colour might look in your room at home. Welcome to the future of decorating!

4. Tread the boards in style Rejuvenate your tired looking floors with a shiny new paint job. From tatty vinyl to weary looking wood, a splash of paint is a great and cost effective way to brighten up your home and add a little colour into your step.

5. Read the room with a floating book rack Who said that an empty space within the home must be wasted space? We love this idea for a floating bookshelf to help create additional storage



6. Blow up your walls with engineer prints Make a statement! Everyone loves an oversized image of their favourite photo or even a self portrait.

7. Create the high ceiling effect for a low price My ceiling isn't the best, but it's up there! To create this is easy and very effective if you have low ceilings in your property.

8. Create a warm cosy feeling Celebrate the new year with some candles



9. Organise your clothes with a bit of finesse Colour coding your drawers is not only fun but can be used as a learning tool for the kids. Red for socks and pants, orange for t-shirts...need I say more!?

10. Fed up of those lop sided wonky pictures? If you are a novice at DIY like me and the thought of being able to hang things on the wall straight makes you want to scream, follow this simple 3-step guide to create a straight hanging masterpiece every time.

We hope you find our 10 simple hacks to brighten up your home as useful as we did.

Sources: Command Buzzfeed Glidden Borovljany

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