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10 Ideas To Transform Your Cabin Into A Home-Spa

Published: 23/02/2016

You don't have to be Bill Gates to have your very own Home-spa. Here are 10 affordable ideas to transform your cabin into a home-spa. Lately, we've been loving all the different shed and cabin transformations that everyone is going mad about! From tranquil She Sheds to macho Man Caves, there's a wonderful sheddie transformation out there to suit every gender, age and personality. With competitions like The Shed of the Year becoming increasingly more popular, more and more people are starting to rethink about how they want to use their garden sheds and log cabins. Being a leader in UK garden buildings it's fair to say that we've seen our fair share of ideas and we love it! Every time we see a new idea we get really excited and inspired... The latest trend we've noticed (and loving) is people transforming their log cabin into a relaxing and tranquil Home-Spa. Spa Cabin This is actually a pretty simple idea when you think about it and really anyone can create a spa. It just depends how expensive you want to go on the Hot Tub! Here are our top ten affordable ideas to transform your cabin into a Home-Spa.

 1. Candles. It's all about the candles. But we would advise to go for battery operated ones for your log cabin just to be on the safe side. 


 2. White towels, white slippers, white dressing gown...Gives the illusion of cleanliness. 


 3. Find a friend that is a masseuse?


4. Nice bath salts and lotions. You can grab bargains on these so don't feel as though they have to be expensive brands. 


5. Burning incense (Again, be very careful with this). If you're not comfortable with the idea of something burning then you could go for scented oils which soak on the wood rather than burn. 


6. Flowers and pebbles - Even if you're not sure on how to use them!


7. Little bowls and tiny bottles with things in them. Nice things. For your face. 


9. Jacuzzi or a Hot Tub. Although you can easily create a spa in your log cabin without this!


10. Oh and relax :)


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