Tips on designing a small garden

If your garden is a little on the small side then that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it as you would with a larger space.

Below are some inspiring thoughts on designing a small garden…

Ideas for designing a small garden

Source: Wayfair

‘A great tip is to focus on companion planting since urban gardening is done often in close proximity to other plants. For instance, growing sunflowers near cucumber plants will make the cucumbers sweeter.’ Bryan, Co-Founder of Garden In Minutes

Additionally, if you have a small garden then a garden shed can be a fantastic way to keep your tools and equipment stored away safely. This will therefore allow you to do a lot more with the space that you have.

At Tiger Sheds we have a huge range of storage sheds so if you’re hoping for a small shed to fit into a smaller garden then you will definitely find the right product.

Please share your tips and ideas on designing a small garden in the comments below or over Twitter @TigerSheds.

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