7 Top Tips to make the most of your Small Garden!

Published: 11/02/2016

A picture of a garden seating area with benches, flowers, plants and an old door being used as decoration

Have a small garden space and want it to seem bigger? Find out our top 7 tips on how to achieve this...

Decorate your garden with a range of plants and planters

]6141004745_7101cd436d_b Image Credits: Karen Roe. The Hidden Gardens of Bury St Edmunds 19-06-2011

You may think that if you have a small garden that you should fill it with small plants but in fact this will only make your garden appear smaller. To make your space look more interesting and appear bigger fill it with a range of different sized plants, planters and small trees. Also, although you may be restricted with space horizontally the sky is your limit (sort of) vertically! Such as climbing plants and wall shrubs which will make your garden look lovely and appear taller! Urban Planters are a fantastic website which  design, source, install and maintain indoor and outdoor plants and other plant related products if you're looking for some original and beautiful ideas for your garden!

Create reflections

  Similar to why people place two mirrors opposite each other in the home which creates a bigger room, placing a mirror in the garden can make the space seem much bigger and it will add a quirky touch to your space. This illusion will only really work if there is something for the mirror to reflect, such as a collection of plants, furniture and/or ornaments. If there's nothing much in your garden it can make the space feel more empty, so it's definitely worth considering where to place your mirror in your garden. The mirror in the image is from SandEdge and it's called the Gothic Iluusion Mirror. We love this mirror as we think it offers a quirky and yet classic look as well as making the garden appear larger.

Have a seating area inside your shed

Seating Area

A great space saving idea is to have your seating area inside your shed. In that way you can have both a shed and outdoor furniture AND a place to be creative. The image above is from a Tiger Sheds customer and we think he's done a brilliant job! The planters and fresh decor bring some of the outdoors inside his shed to extend his garden further.

Create a 'Green Roof' on top of your shed


If you have a garden shed but not much space around the shed then to give the feeling of more planting space you could create a 'Green Roof'. Essentially, this is creating a little bit of a garden on top of a shed. This offers many advantages; it looks cool, great insulation properties, increases your planting area and attracts more wildlife. If you want a Green Roof then apparently March is the best time of year to start doing this. Wild London created a fantastic guide on how to achieve this which you can read here.


Image Credits: The Avid Gardeners, Hilton Head, SC Image Credits: The Avid Gardeners, Hilton Head, SC

Create tiers in your garden to give the illusion of more space. This can be as easy as placing plant pots on top of each other going smaller in size as they go up. Place these plant pots next to your wall, railings and/or fencing and this will make your garden look more unusual and will save space whilst including more plants to the space.

Little Fantasy Garden Accessories 

6660w Image Credits: This image was found on The Fairy

If you want to make your garden look unique but don't have much space to play with then tiny 'fantasy accessories' which are really trendy at the moment are a great way to add a little charm! This beautiful furniture in the image above is from a website called 'The Fairy Garden by Jennifer' which is full of gorgeous tiny furniture sets and accessories that would transform any garden.

Unusual plant pots

Image Credits: Image Credits:

Have some fun with your garden no matter what the size by using unique plant pots to bring some colour and beauty to your garden. If you have balcony or a tiny paved garden then this would be ideal for you as you will grow the plants/flowers inside the container so no need for a large amount of garden or soil. You could also hang these planters from railings, walls or fencing to save space and create a more quirky garden space.   Royal Horticultural Society  have an amazing website full of gardening tips just like this!

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