Donating the World’s First ‘Spider-Proof Shed’.

Last September we unveiled the world’s first purpose built shed that guaranteed to keep arachnids out.

During this process, we built a prototype – but decided rather than keep it stored in our warehouse, we would donate this building to a fantastic charity.

Background on the shed

In September 2015 Tiger Sheds created the world’s first spider-proof shed!


This was after carrying out a survey with 2,000 people and discovering that a quarter of Brits are too scared to venture into their garden shed in case there may be a spider inside.

The Tiger Sheds spider-proof shed contains a whole host of anti-spider features!

BeFunky Collage inside

  • All joints silicone sealed to ensure no gaps and cracks
  • Airtight windows with toughened glass and an airtight door with special draft seal to ensure there’s no way for creepy crawlies to sneak in   
  • Interior lined with spider repellent lining paper to stop spiders coming in through the cladding
  • Sky blue exterior cladding, a colour that’s proven to repel spiders
  • Heavy duty polyester backed felt roof to keep bugs and water out
  • A fun ‘No Spiders’ allowed sign to ensure everyone knows it’s a spider-free zone

This became a real product on our website for anyone to purchase.

Screen Shot

The shed gained coverage from BBC News, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, BT and many other publications.

It also received interest from celebrities such as Chris Evans on his BBC Radio 2 show, Jo Whiley on her BBC Radio 2 show, the presenters of Loose Women and Matthew Wright from the Wright show!

During the promotion of our spider-proof shed we created a working prototype, and since we have decided to partner with a charity and donate this shed to them to help their cause.

Donating the ‘Spider-Proof Shed’ to charity Thrive

Earlier this year we found out about a fantastic charity called Thrive  and loved everything they do. We decided to donate the shed to Thrive so they can add this building to their social and therapeutic horticulture activities.

The shed donation and installation was carried out on the 18th February, with the Tiger Sheds team on hand to make sure everything was set up perfectly.

The Spider-Proof Shed now lives in Thrive’s Birmingham Garden Centre, and we hope it will be an asset towards their ongoing activities.

Here are some images of the installation and the finished look of the world’s first Spider-Proof Shed in reality!







Amanda Fields, regional centre manager for Thrive, said: “The new Spider-Proof Shed is taking pride of place in the TV Gardens at Kings Heath Park and looks a treat.

“It will be used to store many of our tools which are used on a daily basis making it invaluable.  We are delighted at its arrival as we were very short of storage space and I am sure many of our client gardeners and volunteers, will be very happy not to see any spiders in it!”

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Want to keep spiders out of your home or garden building? Check out this handy infographic from Steroidsmag.

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