Spider Proof Shed

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  • Air Tight Windows and Draft Sealed Doors;
  • Spider Repellent Lining Paper;
  • Free ‘No spiders allowed’ sign with top tips on keeping spiders away;
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA - Detached 'creepy crawley' den to attract spiders away from main shed;
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA - 6 monthly pest test;
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA - Impregnated peppermint, citrus and insecticide treatment.
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Spider Proof Shed
8'x6' (2350x1750)
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Spider Proof Shed

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  • FREE Tiger Welcome Pack
  • FREE Tiger Club
  • FREE Door Pull
TOTAL PRICE: £2,499.99

Spider Proof Shed

TOTAL PRICE: (including optional extras) £2,499.99

With 25% of the British public admitting they're too scared to venture into their sheds due to arachnophobia*, we decided to do something about it. That’s why here at Tiger Sheds we created the world’s first Spider Proof Shed. No longer will you fear grabbing your gardening tools or bustling for your bike; visit your shed with confidence with the Spider Proof Shed.

The Spider Proof Shed has been intelligently and carefully designed to repel spiders. Unlike your standard Garden Shed, the whole space is air tight. As we all know, spiders like to crawl their way through the smallest cracks and holes so we’ve taken extreme care to cover any potential areas that spiders can come through and we've even included a special air tight door seal. The windows are made from toughened glass and are completely sealed in to ensure the shed is water resistant and but spider proof too!

The shed comes with spider repellent lining paper in a sky blue colour, as this has been scientifically proven to help repel spiders. As an extra, why not upgrade your treatment so that that the wood is impregnated with peppermint, citrus and insecticide; all ingredients which spiders aren’t a big fan of. As an extra bonus, this will also result in your shed smelling fresh!

A novelty 'No Spiders Allowed' sign comes as standard, which makes the perfect decorative piece for your Spider Proof Shed and even has some useful tips on keeping your shed spider free! This will also let any visitors instantly know that they’re in a spider free zone.

As an optional choice with this product you can include our ‘Creepy Crawley' den, which is a special home designed to attract spiders away from your much loved Garden Shed. The Spider Home is a dark wooden box with holes for the spiders to crawl into. The inside of the box is painted black to make it even darker to attract them to stay in the Spider Home.

We’re confident that our product will meet your satisfaction but just to ease your spider worries why not add on the optional six-monthly pest test. This test will be conducted by a fully trained member of the Tiger Sheds team who will carefully inspect your Spider Proof Shed for any spiders. If we do find any, then these will be carefully removed and a full investigation will take place into how this may have occurred.

Before building this product Tiger Sheds carried out extensive research to fully understand what repels spiders and what would attract them to their Spider Home. Therefore, this product is scientifically proven to be spider proof and is the perfect shed for anyone who has a fear of spiders and wishes to enter their shed in full confidence. 

* Omnibus survey of over 2,000 people (national representative sample) conducted in July 2015 on behalf of Tiger Sheds by research company, The Leadership Factor.

10 Year Anti- Spider-Infestation Guarantee

To maintain the validity of this guarantee the product must be assembled strictly in accordance with the instructions supplied, treated annually with an appropriate high quality preservative and all glazing units must be sealed, inside and out, with silicone or other water tight sealant. For more information on how to correctly assemble and maintain your garden building please consult our comprehensive help centre.

All images and photography used is purely for illustrative purposes only – actual product colours may vary slightly due to the digital photography process and variations in individual user monitor settings.

Please note: The anti-spider-infestation guarantee protects against the infestation of spiders (plural) into your garden building for a period of 7 consecutive days or more. To support a claim for spider breach we will require to be sent clear video footage of more than one single spider taking residence in your building for more than 7 consecutive days which will then be assessed by our in house team of arachnologists.

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Technical Information Sizes are approximate only and refer to external dimensions excluding roof overhangs. For specific dimensions please consult our technical department.
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View measurements in:
Spider Proof Shed
Base Size
Internal Size
External Ridge
External Eaves
Internal Ridge
Internal Eaves
Ext. Size (excl. Roof)
Ext. Size (inc. Roof)
No. of Windows
Technical Information
Cladding Material
Shiplap tongue and groove
Cladding Thickness
Framing Style
Rounded four corner framing
Framing Size
28mm x 44mm
Roof Material
Shiplap tongue and groove
Roof Thickness
Floor Material
Shiplap tongue and groove
Floor Thickness
Door Style
Single Draft Sealed Fully Boarded Door
Door Size
760mm x 1880mm
Window Style
All fixed
Window Size
457mm x 610mm
Glazing Thickness
Glazing Material
Toughened Glass
Roof Covering
Black Mineral Felt
Peppermint, citrus and insecticide impregnated treatment
Locking System
Three lever locking system
Selected European Softwoods
Ripple Africa Reforestation

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It’s not just the standard of the wood we use that defines a Tiger and marks it out as a high quality building, but the finishing touches and the extra care we take to ensure you can find your perfect space.

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