What Are the Benefits of Having a Wooden Shed?

Published: 10/06/2021

When most people think of sheds, they think of wooden garden sheds – the image is part of our culture in the UK. That said, sheds are available in a range of materials – and we’re going talk about how timber sheds compare to their alternatives in this post. We also need to highlight that not all wooden garden sheds are the same. The best ones are well built and last for many years, which is why every Tiger shed comes with a market-leading 20-year guarantee. On the other hand, the cheapest sheds will definitely not last a long time. For this reason, we’ll also go into what to look for in a wooden shed. So, let’s get started…

What are sheds made of?

The three most common shed materials are wood, metal and plastic.

Metal sheds vs wooden sheds vs plastic sheds

Rusty metal shed

Metal sheds can go rusty over time[/caption] Plastic sheds don’t require much maintenance and they’re easy to assemble, but they’re also harder (often impossible) to customise and can suffer from the build-up of condensation. Metal sheds are very sturdy but are prone to rust. And like plastic sheds, they can also suffer from condensation build-up. We’ll go into the many benefits of buying a wooden shed shortly. But first, we need to talk about the wood itself…

Why not all wooden sheds are made equal

While there are many reasons to consider buying a timber shed over metal or plastic, there are also stark differences between the best and worst wooden sheds out there…

Quality of timber

The quality of the timber on your wooden shed is all important. Why? Because it doesn’t matter how good the rest of its features – if the timber is low quality, the shed itself just won’t be that good. The best sheds use only the best European softwood. At Tiger (for example), we use slow-grown [1], high-grade timber to make our wooden garden sheds stronger and more durable.

Why you should avoid OSB chipboard sheds

OSB chipboard shed with sagging roof

OSB chipboard sheds dip and sag with age[/caption] In stark contrast to sheds built with high-grade timber, low-quality wooden sheds are made from OSB chipboard. Also known as flakeboard, OSB is a cheap material made from compressed timber strands glued together crudely – and that’s why you won’t find it on any Tiger building. Price is obviously a major factor in your choice of wooden shed – and that’s why many people make the mistake of buying sheds from OSB chipboard. However, it’s best to look for a building that is as good blend of quality and value for money.

Types of cladding

diagram of differences between overlap and shiplap cladding on wooden sheds

The best wooden garden buildings are made from shiplap – an upgraded form of tongue and groove cladding for sheds. In short, shiplap cladding uses tight-fitting timber boards that withstand a battering from wind, rain and other elements over time. This compares favourably with overlap cladding – sheds made in this way are cheaper and are less resistant to the elements. Now we’ve explained what the best wooden sheds are made of, you’ll know what we mean when we talk about the benefits of wooden sheds from now on. So with all this in mind, here are seven reasons why you may want to consider buying a wooden shed:

1.  They look great

Tiger Potting Shed in a sunny garden

As we say earlier in this post, the wooden shed is a classic – it’s what you (and most other people) think of when they hear the word ‘shed’. And that’s surely (at least in part) because the best ones look so good. The natural feel (and source) of wood also helps timber sheds blend into any landscape. Plus, you can paint or stain your wooden shed to your tastes and ensure it blends in with the look of your garden. The sheer variety of wooden sheds available also means you’re sure to find one that suits your needs and tastes. From long ones, to deep ones, to half-hexagon-shaped ones – there’s a shed out there for you. Need a small wooden garden shed? No problem! We also sell tall wooden garden storage and offer an array of customisations as part of your purchase (on all buildings).

2. They’re versatile

Four images of the TigerFlex Shiplap Pent

Modular (TigerFlex) sheds allow you to place the doors and windows anywhere you like[/caption] One the issues with both plastic and metal sheds is they’re difficult to customise – especially compared to those made from timber. For example, you can’t paint or nail shelves to the wall of a plastic shed. Metal sheds don’t hold paint very well either. But by contrast, wooden garden sheds allow you to add shelves inside, or change the look and colour. Plus, you can use the right shed can give you much more than wooden garden storage; you could make it your home office, man cave or she shed. Some people even build live-in sheds!

Wood facilitates flexible designs

Wood is also more suited to flexible designs. For example, because shiplap boards fit together almost like a jigsaw, they allow the experts at Tiger to create modular sheds; this in turn allows you to place the doors and windows wherever you like.

3. They last for many years

Tiger 20-year guarantee

As long your shed uses the right kind of timber and the right kind of cladding, your wooden shed can last for many years to come –  that’s why every Tiger shed comes with a 20-year guarantee. To be specific, shiplap cladding boards boast a tight fit that stops rain and wind from getting inside. Plus, the curve on each shiplap board facilitates water run-off and prevents moisture build-up. Note: As we state elsewhere in this article, wooden sheds are long-lasting with the right kind of timber. Sheds made from OSB chipboard will certainly not last too long at all.

4. Easy to build

Following on from number 2 on this list, wooden garden sheds are also easy to assemble. In fact, some of our customers have managed to put their sheds up in a matter of hours. To assemble your wooden shed, all you need is a few basic tools – a screwdriver and a hammer being the main two.

5. Its parts are easy to replace

Replacement parts for a wooden shed

The parts on wooden sheds are very easy to replace – especially compared to sheds made from plastic or metal. For example, if a wall panel or floorboard breaks, you can quickly and easily replace it – and that’s because most reputable shed manufacturers offer spares and repairs. Products like Tiger Sheds Preserver also help maintain the shed to prevent the need for repairs.

6. Wood is a natural insulator

Due to the presence of air pockets in its cellular structure, wood is a natural insulating material. As the Brittanica Encyclopaedia states, this is because timber conducts heat at a much lower rate than metal, plastic and other materials [2]. This natural shed insulation allows the shed to stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer. By contrast, metal sheds can become very hot when exposed to direct sunlight – and this can be very painful to the touch!

7. You’ll be doing your bit for the environment

Trees in a forest

Unlike plastic, wood is a renewable resource – it quite literally grows on trees! That said, trees are essential for the production of oxygen. If they’re cut down without being replaced, this depletes the planet’s oxygen supply. For this reason, responsible sourcing is vital to the health of Planet Earth [3].

Look for sheds made from sustainable timber

But as we say on the Environmental Impact page on our website, all timber used to make Tiger buildings is sustainably sourced.  This ensures all wood is harvested from legal and sustainable sources. In addition, wood takes much less energy to produce than metal or plastic. All this means helping the environment by purchasing a shed made of wood rather than metal or plastic.

What shed should I buy?

It’s entirely up to you which shed you buy! You have the choice of storage sheds, tool sheds and bike sheds, as well as a range of log cabins and summerhouses. But whichever shed you choose, we recommend you buy one made of wood! For more help and advice on buying the right shed for your needs, go to this page.


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