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Environmental Impact

Timber Sourcing and Sustainability

Timber is one of the oldest and most well established building materials available on the planet – something our ancestors have used for building houses and other important architectural structures for thousands of years.

When considering the impact of building upon the environment it should be noted that timber is also the only renewable major building material.  More than a third of the earths land is covered with forests.

Timber does not require complicated and harmful processing and can be recycled for a variety of useful products and industries or disposed of safely by turning into an extremely cost effective fuel. Processing and building using timber does not cause global warming in fact it offers an efficient alternative for a variety of the other more harmful materials used in construction today.

As a family orientated and conscientious business we are well aware of the sensitive environmental issues regarding the sourcing and machining of natural timbers and we are proud to be able to say that we play our part in doing something about it.
For the sake of the environment, for the sake of the well-being of our children and even for the sake of the continuation of our own business pursuits it makes sense for everyone to take a responsible and considerate view to procuring timber and we have always been clear with our stance on this with all of our suppliers. In the most part we source timber directly from the mills in Scandinavia and across Europe and so we liaise directly with them with regards to their forestry policies to ensure all parties are happy that a strategic renewal policy is in place. This gives us the confidence to state that our timber is sourced responsibly from carefully managed forests whom ensure the reproduction, renewal and constant production of oxygen of their crops.

There are numerous industry and government forestry protection and certification schemes such as FSC, PEFC and CPET which all work closely with sawmills and timber companies to try and regulate the harvesting of timber to ensure all source material is legal and sustainable and that all parties are acting responsibly to ensure an ongoing and plentiful supply of timber for everyone. These schemes ensure that the forest management is committed to minimising harm to ecosystems, maintaining forest productivity, ensuring forest ecosystem health and vitality and maintaining biodiversity therefore ensuring an overall balance of social, environmental and economic interests.

We are a key supporter of the FSC and PEFC certifications in particular and all of our timber suppliers are registered members of one or both of these schemes which means all timber used within the production of our buildings has been legally and sustainably sourced.



Timber sourcing update: 01/03/22

Tiger Sheds are deeply concerned about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We condemn these violent actions and stand with all of the people who are suffering. We hope to see peace restored as soon as possible. In line with recent statements and advice from the UK Timber Trade Federation, FSC and British Government we can confirm that Tiger Sheds will not be purchasing any further timber originating from Russian or Belarusian sawmills. We remain a committed FSC certified manufacturer with ethical timber sourcing at the heart of our business values and we will continue to select the highest-grade Nordic softwood from our valued partners who share our commitment to a sustainable future.



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