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Tiger Top 10 Garden Buildings

Published: 27/02/2023

Tiger Retreat Contemporary Summerhouse

Since 2020, there has undoubtedly been a huge rise in the desire and need for garden buildings of all shapes and sizes, including garden sheds, log cabins and summerhouses coming out on top.

In recent years, the meaning of the term ‘office’ has changed quite a bit, with work-from-home and hybrid working culture becoming the norm and more accessible then ever before.   With working from home more popular than ever, the creation of a garden room can play a key role in productivity and overall work attitude. 

Lifestyle changes have also been significant since the pandemic seeing an increase in people wanting to spend more time in nature and in their garden.  An army of new gardeners has created a need for garden sheds, greenhouses, garden storage and tool storage, as well as the desire for a healthier lifestyle prompting the need for bike sheds, home gyms and well-being spaces such as yoga and meditation spaces away from the house.

Garden buildings are most definitely having their day in the sun as versatile storage and recreational spaces, and when it comes to our Tiger Top 10 Best Selling Garden Buildings, we wanted to share what sold like hot cakes in 2022!

There were lots of notable podium winners, but we’re going to concentrate on our top 10 best sellers! 

Let’s get down to business…

#1 Tiger Shiplap Apex Shed

Tiger Shiplap Apex Shed on garden deck with planters and storage

Our best performing product of all time! 

Its superior grade tongue and groove shiplap cladding is a key factor in why it is our bestseller. One of the most popular garden sheds in the UK due to its timeless style. A high-quality selection of European softwoods is used for the cladding, emphasising rigidity and security, and they are protected with a TigerSkin® water-based treatment. This makes the Tiger Shiplap Apex Shed a fantastic and attractive product that offers a perfect storage area. For further security, the Tiger Shiplap Apex Shed's roof is coated in a thick layer of black mineral felt.

Inside, the incredibly sturdy rounded four-corner framework gives the whole thing more structure, strength, and higher roof capacity than cheaper sheds.

Thousands of happy customers agree that this brilliant garden shed offers high quality, great functionality, and the very best value for money.


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#2 TigerFlex® Shiplap Pent Shed      

Selling fast, our 5-star rated modular garden shed has everything you need in terms of quality, style, and storage.

The TigerFlex Pent Shed in garden with shingles and patio

Designed by us, customised by you. The TigerFlex® Pent, the latest model in the range, has a pent roof profile for a more contemporary look. The adaptable modular panels can be positioned anywhere you want to suit your garden space and the door can be right or left-hinged.

This superior shed has an extra thick 44x28mm framing structure for strong endurance and high-quality 12mm finish shiplap cladding. Toughened glass is installed in the windows as standard to increase resistance and provide a high-quality finish.

And that’s not all…. extra-high eaves make sure the structure is tall enough for most individuals to stand comfortably within and covered floor joists raise it above the ground.


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The Tigerflex Pent garden shed with workshop interior and painted green exterior

A TigerFlex Pent Shed painted in Blue, converted to garden bar with bar stools and garden deck
#3 Tiger XL Heavyweight Workshop

Another of our innovative designs that sells like wildfire!

The Tiger XL Heavyweight Workshop offers all the style and all the space whether you require an outdoor workspace or more storage. It comes in a variety of generous sizes and benefits from extra-high eaves height. This workshop is exemplified by its excellent grade tongue and groove shiplap cladding, which strengthens and makes it more secure. TigerSkin® water-based treatment shields the carefully chosen high quality, slow grown, European softwood used in this shiplap cladding with a 12mm finish. High strength black mineral felt is used as a layer of protection on the roof too, so it’s got everything it needs to last for many years to come.

A picture containing the Tiger XL Heavyweight Workshop with storage shelves and potted plants

This fantastic garden workshop is further strengthened internally by a heavy-duty roof truss and an incredibly sturdy rounded four corner framework. It’s so versatile in its design that you can use it for whatever you like.


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A picture containing the TIger XL Heavyweight Workshop in garden with grass and trees

#4 Tiger Retreat Contemporary Summerhouse              

Our most popular Tiger summerhouse combines a classical apex silhouette with modern full pane doors and windows to brighten the spacious inside.  The Tiger Retreat Contemporary Summerhouse bridges the gap between traditional and modern design and might be your ideal haven whether you're seeking a place to work or unwind.

A picture containing the Tiger Retreat Contemporary Summerhouse with full pane glass windows and doors, in garden with plants and garden deck

For lasting strength and dependable durability, the Tiger Retreat includes superior grade tongue and groove shiplap cladding as well as tongue and groove planks in the roof and floor. Easy access is provided by the extra-high eaves and double doors, and additional security is added by the reinforced glazing and lock and key system. High grade roofing felt is included as standard for all-season weatherproof protection.

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A picture containing the Tiger Retreat Contemporary Summerhouse painted in grey, garden, deck, plants

#5 TigerFlex® Shiplap Pent Bike Store      

A picture containing the TigerFlex Shiplap Pent Bike Store with double doors, bike storage, garden, patio, grass

With a range of sizes to accommodate any garden or yard, the TigerFlex® Shiplap Pent Bike Store is ideal. It is a wooden bike store to be proud of, made in our Yorkshire workshop with high-quality wood by our seasoned craftsmen. The double doors may be placed on the side you need, and the roof can slope front to back or back to front depending on your needs. For a strong, long-lasting structure with plenty of storage space, the extra thick 44x28mm framing supports the high-grade 12mm shiplap cladding. 

A picture containing the TigerFlex Shiplap Pent Bike Store with double doors, garden, outdoor, patio, log store

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#6 The Procas | 44mm Log Cabin    

A picture containing the Tiger Procas 44mm Log Cabin, garden, outdoor, garden furniture, deck, plants

The all singing all dancing Procas Log Cabin is our best-selling Tiger log cabin and we’ll tell you why…

Constructed with a high quality, slow grown 44mm tongue and groove logs, The Procas is a cabin built for all purposes. The thickness of the wood retains heat very well in the winter, and on warm summer days, the full-length glass windows and doors perfectly illuminate the cabin. The Procas is an incredibly flexible space and cannot be compared to many log homes on the market due to its high quality structure and unbeatable 20-year guarantee.

A picture containing Tiger Procas 44mm Log Cabin interior, kitchen, bar stools, breakfast bar, sofa, tv, dining table

A picture containing the Tiger Procas 44mm Log Cabin, outdoor, garden, night, night lights, garden lights

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#7 Tiger Potting Shed          

The best space for any gardener who grows seeds and pots up seedlings on makeshift tables because it comes complete with a tall internal shelf table. It's high on the dream garden addition list and makes a peaceful and bright space to plot and plan or have a cuppa on a rainy day.  

A picture containing grass, tree, outdoor, Tiger Potting Shed painted green, plants

A picture containing the Tiger Potting Shed interior, cat, watering can, seedlings. storage baskets

The fantastic Tiger Potting Shed combines a high quality and safe garden shed with a bright and spacious greenhouse in one. The large side windows provide the shed with much-needed sunlight, while the large doors and interior provide plenty of room and space. With hardwearing black mineral felt as standard and heavy-duty floor joists, this building is built to last. Finely finished tongue and groove cladding and an extra thick rounded square frame complete this stunning garden shed.

A picture containing tree, outdoor, flower, plants, Tiger Potting Shed, flower wreath on door

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#8 TigerFlex® Shiplap Apex Windowless Shed

The TigerFlex® Shiplap Apex Windowless Shed with Double Doors is a truly unique and versatile garden shed that allows you to choose where you place your doors.  This is why TigerFlex® is so popular… you can customise your shed size and design to suit your garden space and is available on a quick ‘Pick-a-Day’ delivery.

A picture containing the Tiger Shiplap Apex Windowless Shed, patio, block paving, plants, flower borders

As with all Tiger Sheds, quality is not compromised over design, with high grade 12mm shiplap cladding and extra thick framing ensures the building is strong and lasts the distance. The shed comes with extra high eaves so there is ample height within the building and the shed sits on floor joists to lift the building off the ground. There is also heavy-duty black mineral roofing felt with the shed as standard to protect it from the elements along with fascia (bargeboards) and corner strips to finish off this attractive garden building.


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A picture containing Tigerflex Shiplap Apex Windowless Shed, outdoor, garden, patio, garden fence


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#9 The Corbetti | 28mm Log Cabin     

A picture containing the Tiger Corbetti 28mm log cabin, garden, outdoor, patio seating area, sofa, table, flowers, plants

The Corbetti 28mm Pent Log Cabin creates a flexible outdoor room such as a gym area, summerhouse, garden office, workshop or a garden bar – the opportunities are endless. 

The Tiger Corbetti 28mm log cabin interior, garden bar interior, bar, table, chairs

The Corbetti is packed full of superb features making it ideal for those needing a garden room with plenty of internal space in attractive and secure surroundings. The log cabin comes complete with modern European style fully glazed double doors offering generous light and access to the spacious interior. Its striking pent roof increases the overall interior height and the heavy-duty black mineral  felt, factory-installed pressure-treated weather-resistant heavy-duty floor joists, and a generous all-around roof overhang make this cabin a worthy Tiger Top 10 finalist!

A picture containing the Tiger Corbetti 28mm log cabin, garden, grass, plants, fence


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And last but by no means least…

#10 Tiger Deluxe Corner Shed

A picture containing Tiger Deluxe Corner Shed, tiled patio, barrel table, stool, plants, brick garden wall

This cracker of a corner shed really helps our customers to maximise their garden storage and lifestyle.  Ideal for an unused, tight corner in the garden, the Tiger Deluxe Corner Shed is available in a compact 6'x6' size, meaning it can be easily tucked away. This shed's practicality belies its size, and you can enjoy the easy access of extra-large double doors which open to a highly durable space.  Made using high grade 12mm finish shiplap tongue-and-groove cladding in our Yorkshire workshop, it’s built to last and comes highly recommended with 5-star reviews.

A picture containing Tiger Deluxe Corner Shed painted in green, garden, outdoor, grass, rose bush, paved path



A picture containing the Tiger Deluxe Corner Shed, garden, outdoor, patio, potted evergreen trees, garden wall, garden fence


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 The next generation of best-selling Tiger products are yet to be discovered but we’ll sure have fun along the way!  The good news is that we have lots of new products in development and we can’t wait to introduce you to them...watch this space.

Find or design your perfect garden space with Tiger. We are an award-winning garden building expert that you can trust with our 20-year guarantee and great service.

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