The Best Garden Sheds in the UK 2021

Published: 14/08/2021

A picture containing a wooden barn shed

Ah, the garden shed – a great British institution. But while sheds are loved by millions in the UK and offer many benefits, not all are made equal (far from it!). It’s with this in mind that we’ve drawn up our list of the best garden sheds for 2021 and beyond.

Who makes the best garden sheds?

We firmly believe in the quality of the timber and workmanship that goes into every Tiger building – which is why we also think Tiger Sheds is the best place to buy a shed in the UK. So, this post is a list of the sheds with the best reviews from customers. Note: In cases where products have similarly great reviews, we then look at sales to differentiate the best sheds.

1. TigerFlex© Shiplap Apex Shed

TigerFlex Shiplap Apex - surely the best garden shed?

Along with the TigerFlex Shiplap Pent Shed, the TigerFlex Shiplap Apex is our flagship in many ways. As the originators of the modular shed, we’re proud of the entire TigerFlex range. Why? Because they let you put the windows and doors wherever you like (see above). So, while the apex shed is one of the more traditional shed designs on the market, a lot of forward-thinking went into the design of this particular version.

Why it's top of our list of best garden sheds

Its sheer of flexibility is the reason this building tops our rundown of best-quality sheds in the UK. If you want to maximise sunlight, you can make sure the windows are facing south. Or if you need to move the door slightly to improve access – that’s great! You can do all that with this shed – and you get the benefit of the extra headroom provided by the apex roof. What's more, this shed is hand-built using the same high-grade timber you’ll find on any non-modular shed in the Tiger range. That's why we - and our customers - think it's top of the pile when it comes to any list of the best garden sheds. This shed comes in six sizes and is also available in windowless and double-door versions. What customers love most about this shed – and the whole TigerFlex range – is the sheer speed of delivery. Here’s what one customer says about his TigerFlex Shiplap Apex


"I am really impressed with the quality of the shed from Tiger. My daughter recently bought a shed from Walton's, and hers is nowhere near the quality of Tiger. It took her 8 weeks to have her shed delivered, whereas delivery for mine was only 1 week. Tiger have also clearly spent considerable time designing their range of sheds, and the way they are packaged for transportation is sensational."

2. TigerFlex© Shiplap Pent Shed

TigerFlex Shiplap Pent - one of the best and most flexible garden sheds around

While at number 2 on this list, there wasn’t much to choose between the TigerFlex Shiplap Pent Shed and its apex-roofed sibling at number 1. The apex version is slightly more popular in terms of sales – perhaps due to its more familiar - or classic - appearance. That said, there are plenty of reasons to choose the TigerFlex Shiplap Pent. It boasts the same innovative modular panels, high quality, and quick delivery. Again, much like the TigerFlex Shiplap Apex, this pent variant is also available in double-door and windowless versions. Yet its more compact roof design makes it more discreet – ensuring it blends in wonderfully with its surroundings. Of course, this also means it fits well into tight spaces. Here’s what one customer had to say about the TigerFlex Shiplap Pent Shed:

"Really pleased with the quality of my new Pent shed. It arrived on time and went together pretty easily. It's painted up lovely."

3. Tiger Workman Apex

Tiger Workman Apex - a hugely versatile shed

Popular with customers, the Tiger Workman Apex takes the storage space and versatility of the classic Heavyweight Workshop and blends it with Tiger's knack for eye-catching design. And boy, is the Workman Apex versatile. In fact, Tiger customers have used theirs for everything from gym sheds to workshops, to storage spaces. Its nine available sizes, and impressive shelving, framing and cladding upgrades, further highlight this building's versatile design. Read what Christian Griffiths says about his new Tiger Workman Apex below:

"Great quality, easy to build and delivered on time for a great price. Driver was great too. Some trim parts were missing and I hadn't even noticed, delivered a few days later without me even asking. Great customer service."

4. Tiger Potting Shed

Tiger Potting Shed - one of Tiger's most popular garden buildings

A great-looking addition to any garden, the Tiger Potting Shed is hugely popular with customers. As Share Your Shed winner David Mallinson says in this Customer Spotlight, his wife loves their potting shed (see above) so much it's become her second home! More versatile than any glass equivalent, this product makes the perfect potting shed-greenhouse. Why? Because while its large front windows allow plenty of sunlight inside to let seeds and plants grow to full potential, it's three non-transparent make it a great year-round haven for plants. But this potting shed is much more versatile than you might imagine, In fact, some customers have made theirs into everything from a garden bar room to a kids' play area. Here's what one customer says about her Tiger Potting Shed:

"Very impressed with shed and service. I would use Tiger Sheds again. Waited a long time, but it was well worth the wait."

5. Tiger Premium Toolshed

If you're stuck for space, you won't find a better option than the Premium Toolshed

As its name suggests, this building is a dedicated tool storage unit. It’s great if you need a place to store your tools (or any items you please), but don’t have the space – or need – for a larger storage shed. Living up to the ‘premium’ in its name, the Tiger Premium Toolshed is made from 12mm thick shiplap cladding, and boasts the same first-rate European softwood you’ll find on the best sheds – including all wooden sheds in the Tiger range! Here’s what Sarah Sampson says about her Tiger Premium Toolshed:

"The whole process was excellent. Superb handling of my order, and the delivery was very smooth with an exceptionally pleasant and helpful driver. The shed is erected, painted and filled with my tools and I am thrilled with the result. Very many thanks."

6. Tiger Pent Bike Store

Tiger Pent Bike Store

While both of the wooden bike storage units in the Tiger range are hugely popular, the Tiger Pent Bike Store has sold slightly more in 2021 – which is why we list it above the Tiger Bike Shed. That said, they are equals in terms of quality and workmanship – both use only the finest softwood and are built with 12mm shiplap cladding to help protect the contents from the elements. The store is also available in three sizes: 7’x3’, 7’x4’ and 7’x5’. And you can use it to store than just bikes (see below).

Customer's Tiger Pent Bike Store with ladders and other equipment inside

But like our standard pent sheds, it offers a more contemporary look than the more traditional apex-roofed version. Here’s what a happy customer had to say about the Tiger Pent Bike Store:

"The [Tiger Pent Bike Store] we ordered was well worth waiting for, great quality and easy to put together. Would definitely recommend this product."

7. Tiger Bike Shed

Tiger Bike Shed

As Sam Hartley states in this Customer Spotlight, the Tiger Bike Shed is so much better than the cheap bike sheds you get elsewhere. Whereas other bike sheds may be inexpensive, they are usually made from flimsy OSB chipboard that will inevitably start to dip and sag over time. By contrast, this won’t happen with the Tiger Bike Shed due to its rigid and durable construction – typified by rounded four-corner framing, as well as its use of only the highest-quality timber and shiplap cladding. And, much like the Tiger Pent Bike Store, the Tiger Bike Store is available with a range of security options. These include Hasp and Staple locks, anti-vandal screws and a security post. The Bike Shed also comes in three sizes: 3’x7’, 4’x7’, and 5’x7’. This building has an apex roof, which means that it has a more ‘classic’ look than the Pent bike Store. So, if you have an older property, you may think the Bike Shed is more suitable. Read what Tony Rose had to say about his Tiger Bike Shed below:

"Already had an 8x6 apex shed delivered and put that up easily. The Tiger Bike Shed was even easier. So straightforward. Goes together as it should do. Doors are pre-hung, which made it so easy to assemble. I wouldn’t go anywhere else now."

8. Tiger Shiplap Extra High Pent

True to its name, the Tiger Shiplap Extra High Pent is… well, extra high. The advantage of this it gives you extra storage space in a small footprint. As we said in this post a bout sheds for small spaces, this makes this shed great if your garden is short on width or length, but has plenty of vertical space. This building is made from the best timber supplies available and uses 12mm shiplap cladding – making this a tough and sturdy (not to mention tall) shed. And just like every other garden building in the Tiger range, the Tiger Shiplap Extra High Pent comes with a 20-year guarantee. This shed is available in nine sizes – ranging from 6’x4’ to 12’x8’. One customer had this to say about the Tiger Shiplap Extra High Pent:

"The product is excellent and easy to install. The customer service was first class as I was always kept informed as to the progress of my order during these uncertain times. The delivery arrived on time and the driver was very helpful. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a first-rate product."

9. Tiger Elite Pressure Treated Pent Shed

Tiger Elite Pressure Treated Pent Shed - one of the best-quality garden sheds anywhere

As it’s part of Tiger’s Elite range of sheds, it’s no surprise that customers have great things to say about the Tiger Elite Pressure Treated Pent Shed. But what makes this shed ‘elite’? Well, it’s made from pressure-treated (or tanalised) timber. Or to be more specific, the experts at Tiger treat this shed (and the entire Elite range) with Tanalith E – the latest-generation wood preserver that protects the shed from insect attack and from the elements. Whereas all the other buildings on this list need to be treated with shed preserver at least once per year, the Tiger Elite Pressure Treated Pent Shed doesn't – making it (potentially) longer-lasting and easier to maintain. And that's why it's on this list of best garden sheds. Here’s what a customer has to say about their Tiger Elite Pressure Treated Pent Shed:

"Excellent shed. Very pleased with every aspect of the purchase from ordering to delivery, we were very impressed. The shed itself is very good, we bought the premium range, so we gave ourselves every chance of being impressed and we weren’t disappointed. We highly recommend Tiger Sheds."

10. Tiger Mini-Barn

For its distinctive looks, the Tiger Mini-Barn earns its place on any list of the best garden sheds

With its distinctive barn roof, the Tiger Mini-Barn turns heads. In terms of construction, this shed is similar to other Tiger sheds in that it’s made from handpicked timber of the finest quality and 12mm thick shiplap cladding. But in terms of design, it’ll really help your garden stand apart from the rest. Many of customers use their Tiger Mini-Barns as attractive alternatives to the garden studio or standard storage shed. Take a look at how Peter Wadding describes his experience with the Tiger Mini-Shed:

"Really great shed/mini barn (10x8). Very good quality and easy to assemble (up in 3 hours + half a day felting roof). Much better than a run of the mill shed. Really pleased with the end result."

11. Tiger Security Apex

In terms of security, the Security Apex is surely the best garden shed out there

When it comes to shed security, it doesn’t get much better than the Tiger Security Apex shed. Its narrow, slit security windows make it very difficult for potential thieves to see into the shed, while also letting plenty of natural light to help you see what you’re doing while inside. The building comes with a free security bar to locks the door into place and stops anyone opening the door from the outside. This secure shed is available in eight sizes, ranging from 6’x4’ to 12’x8’. Optional upgrades include a Hasp and Staple lock, a security post, and anti-vandal door-hinge screws, as well heavy-duty framing. Read what one happy customer had to say about their new Tiger Security Apex below:

"Happy happy happy. This is my second shed and I'm please once more and my neighbour put it up for me and he is happy too. He asked where I bought it and said it is a good shed...thank you."

12. Tiger Value Overlap Apex

True to its name, the Tiger Value Overlap has to be the best value garden shed on the market

From the Security Apex to the Elite Pressure Treated Pent – many Tiger buildings are appropriately named. And the Tiger Value Overlap Apex is true to its name too!

Why is this one of the best garden sheds?

It may not boast shiplap cladding like every other building on this list, or sport an unusual roof. But what it does is offer is great value. Made with the same high-grade timber as every Tiger building, this shed is much better quality than the cheap sheds made from OSB chipboard. It boasts a superior build to many other wooden overlap sheds on the market – and that’s why it comes with a 20-year guarantee (just like every Tiger shed). Here's what Steven Lodge has to say about his Tiger Value Overlap Apex:

"Excellent value for money. First class communication from order to delivery. Highly recommend."

The best-quality sheds in the UK

While many of the sheds in this list look different, you've probably noticed they share key three factors in common: the sheer quality of the timber, design and build. And that's because at Tiger, we never skimp on quality. As a result, you'll never find any OSB chipboard in our buildings. To our experts, quality is a matter of principle - whether in terms of raw materials, design, or workmanship.

To find out more about the best garden sheds for sale in the UK, tap this link.

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