The Tiger Bike Shed is Much More than it Seems

Published: 08/04/2021

Back in the summer of 2020, Sam Harvey bought the Tiger Bike Shed after weeks of searching for the right unit for his needs. And he says it was “just the right size and shape.” But you may be surprised to learn that, in Sam’s garden, this building proved to be much more than just a bike shed…

The “never-ending quest” to keep the garden tidy

Sam and his wife live in what he calls “quite a large house” in West Yorkshire. But even though they would appear to have a lot of space – this isn’t really the case. “It’s amazing how much chaos and clutter merely living in a house can create!” Sam says. “It feels like my wife and I are on a never-ending quest to keep both our house and our garden tidy.” The family love to entertain friends and family all year round – including Easter, Mother’s Day, BBQs, parties, Bonfire Night and more. As a result, they own lots of garden furniture – including foldaway tables, plastic outdoor chairs and a couple of pop-up gazebos. “To help store away the furniture and keep the garden tidy, I bought a cheap unit from [a well-known catalogue retailer] five years ago. But in just a few months, it became apparent you really do get what you pay for…”

So, what was the problem with the old store?

Cheap store made from OSB chipboard

“Well, where do I start?” Sam asks. “As soon as I set it up, I realised the doors didn’t hang properly – so it didn’t look great. But over time, the real issue was the roof – it was made of OSB chipboard and started to dip and sag. This didn’t look very nice either, and my wife was a bit embarrassed by it when we had guests over.”

Enter the Tiger Bike Shed

Tiger Bike Shed with red bike inside

At first, you might think a bike shed is an odd choice for storing garden furniture – “but it turned out the 3x7 Tiger Bike Shed was perfect for our needs,” says Sam. “We had looked for what seemed like ages as we tried to find something that was compact, looked good and had considerable strength and integrity, without too much depth – it had to fit in quite a tight space. But we couldn’t find exactly what we had in mind.” And then friends suggested they try a bike shed – they had recently bought one from Tiger Sheds and seemed very impressed.

The benefits of compact storage

Everything Sam and his wife looked at previously (at least within their budget) seemed to be made from cheap OSB chipboard – “but I wasn't going to go through that again,” he says. By contrast, the Tiger Bike Shed is made from high-quality softwood right here in the UK. “With this in mind, I had no concerns about whether it would last. Plus, the long guarantee was enough to make me certain I’d made the right choice.

How this bike shed makes life easier

“Apart from being exactly the right size and shape, the double doors are wide enough to move things in out and out,” Sam says. “With the old store, it was much more of a struggle. It was surprisingly tough to get anything out of that horrible thing – I had to take a deep breath before opening it up!” laughs Sam. “The space issue was even worse when I had to temporarily transfer everything to the garage after the old store became unusable. You couldn’t move for stuff”. “With our Tiger shed, the extra room meant we had somewhere to keep our tents and camping equipment. “What’s more, the angled roof seems pretty durable, so I don’t need to worry about keeping things safe and dry. We now also much more space in the garage – and much more than we’d calculated, which is great.

It’s also easy on the eye

Blue Tiger Bike Shed used to store furniture

“I painted our bike shed Cuprinol Blue – which was my wife’s choice, not mine. Nevertheless, I think it looks quite fetching. I think I’ll buy another bike shed soon – but I’ll put bikes in it this time! “If people need a tip on where to find extra storage, I’d recommend the Tiger Bike Shed.” 

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