How to Improve Shed Security (and Keep It Secure!)

Published: 11/06/2021

Shed security is vital for keeping your possessions safe – but it’s also important for your peace of mind. After all, sheds are a favourite target for thieves. And this is hardly shocking when you consider how easy many of them are to see and reach. Plus, these criminals know they’ll find tools, bikes, garden equipment and more inside.

Shed security stats: do you need to secure a shed?

According to a 2019 article on the Which? website, 22,500 Brits fall victim to shed burglary each year [1]. But if you take the right steps to secure your shed, you can keep your belongings safe. To improve wooden shed security and stop determined criminals breaking in, you have four key options:

  1. Keep your shed away from thieves (tips 2, 4, 7)
  2. Prevent them breaking in (tips 1, 3, 5, 8, 9)
  3. Protect your possessions if they do get inside (tips 4, 6, 9, 10)
  4. Protect yourself if thieves do take your belongings (tip 11)

While number 4 on the above list could (and does) happen, there are steps you can take to ensure your shed (and its contents) don’t get into the wrong hands – and most of the tips in this post address this. From choosing the right location to buying the right shed security products - we aim to provide all the information you need in this post. Of course, this applies just as much to double-door shed security as it does to garden buildings with a single door. Note: The tips on this list refer to general storage shed security (including bike shed security), but we also provide info on keeping your bike shed secure here.

How do you burglar-proof a shed?

At this point, there's clearly one question on your mind - you want to know what steps you can take to increase shed security. Here are 11 ways to do just that...

1. Choose the right shed

Security Apex Shed

A running theme throughout our recent blog posts has been choosing the right shed for your needs (and this article is no different). If you’re going to be storing valuables, such as bikes or tools, in your shed – start with a shed that is built to be more secure than others. And the most secure sheds are often called security sheds.

What is a security shed?

One example is the Security Apex Shed. This comes with extra narrow ‘slit’ security windows that thieves would find difficult to see into from the outside (and from a distance). This building also features a free shed security bar, which makes your building more secure at the door of the building. The bar fits across the door frame and locks it in place, which stops thieves from opening the door from the outside. Whether or not you have a shed that comes readymade for security, there are many other ways you can keep your garden building secure…

2.  Keep your shed away from prying eyes

As we state in a previous post on secure bike storage, it’s important to be careful when choosing your shed’s location. Why? Because if criminals can’t see the shed, they won’t know it’s there and will be much less likely to try and break in. To be specific, erect your shed in – or move it to – a place in your property that is not visible from the road or alleys, but that is visible from your home. That way, you can also keep an eye on it.

3. Fit a shed security door and locks

Kasp Hasp and Staple Disc Lock_

A standard shed door becomes a security door when you fit garden shed security locks and hinges, as well as tamper-proof screws.

What is the best lock for a shed?

In terms of shed security locks, Lincolnshire Police recommend fitting two Hasp and Staple padlocks [2]. In fact, heavy-duty locks for sheds are widely recommended by experts. Why? Because the hasp covers the screw fittings – a prime weak spot that thieves would otherwise try and exploit. In addition, shed security hinges go all the way through the wood and are fixed securely on the inside with heavy-duty nuts and bolts. You can buy Hasp and Staple locks, shed security locks and anti-vandal screws, as well as heavy-duty framing, as upgrades on many Tiger buildings. In addition, some people choose to install a DIY shed security bar - which is great if you already own a shed. But if you're buying a new shed, you should know we provide them as upgrades on many of our buildings.

4. Go windowless!

Windowless pent shed

As we said earlier in this article, the Tiger Security Apex shed comes with ‘slit’ security windows. Windowless sheds are ideal for keeping your possessions away from prying eyes. Thankfully, most of the buildings in our range are available without windows! And continuing the windows theme…

5. If you have windows – secure them!

Single-glazed windows make your shed vulnerable to break-ins. Fortunately, our sheds come with shatterproof styrene windows as standard.

How do I protect my shed windows?

Some sheds, such as the Tiger Workman Apex, come with secure mesh window grills and toughened glass as upgrades, which can make your building even more secure. A primary reason sheds have windows is because they let in natural light – which makes it easier to find your stuff when you’re inside. And if you spend a lot of time in your shed, this natural light can make it more pleasant – especially if you use it as a garden office. But – and this is a big ‘but’ – natural light can also help thieves see what’s inside the shed. However, you can overcome this issue with the next tip…

6. Obscure the view from outside

Shed with curtains

The reason we talk about shed windows so much in this article is that they’re so important to shed security. If you must have windows, perhaps because you want plenty of natural light, then you can fit curtains or blinds to the windows to stop criminals seeing inside. That not only improves shed security, but also has the potential to improve the décor and make your building a more pleasant place to be.

7. Hide what’s inside

Continuing on from the last three tips on this list, cover the items inside. If potential thieves can't see your belongings, they're less likely to take a chance on breaking in.

8. Secure your shed to the ground

One question we hear quite a lot is, "How do you secure a shed to the ground?" And the answer is: with an anchoring kit. A shed security anchor is designed to fix the shed to the ground and can stop criminals lifting up the building to get inside.

9. Lock up your belongings

Cage to protect your stuff from thieves

The Police recommend that you wrap strong chains through the handles of lawnmowers, bikes and garden tools. And it’s easy to see why – these chains add another layer of security to prevent theft. Or better still, keep your valuable items in a strong box or cage that you can lock. In fact, this is recommended by West Yorkshire Police [3].

10.  Lights, camera, alarm!

Security light on a shed

Consider installing a security light with a motion sensor to scare away thieves. A shed security camera can also make thieves think twice before breaking into your shed. If there is no electricity supply to your shed, solar-powered versions are available. The best alarms are fitted with door triggers and motion sensors that can also make thieves panic and run away. But if you install an alarm, make sure it’s visible. The mere presence of these kinds of systems can deter thieves.

11. Get insurance

If you’ve taken all the steps above, your shed will be pretty secure – and thieves are much less likely to break in and get their grubby hands on your belongings. That said, no shed is completely secure. So, if the worst happens, insuring your shed and its contents will help you recoup your losses.

Tiger garden buildings come with a range of shed security options. To find out more, explore our website here.


[1] [2] [3]

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