The 7 Best Garden Buildings for Limited Space

Published: 07/06/2021

Not every home comes with a large garden – some are downright tiny. But fortunately, a host of small sheds, small log cabins and small summerhouses are now available. So if you think your garden or yard is too small for a shed (or any other type of garden building), think again! You too can take advantage of the additional space to help organise your garden equipment, create somewhere to work, indulge your hobbies, or relax.

The wider benefits of sheds for small spaces

If you’ve ever faced the dilemma of how to move a shed when it’s fully constructed, which can be especially difficult in a confined space, small garden sheds offer you a way around this. Garden buildings are also said to increase the value of property – which hardly comes as a shock to us [1]. According to a recent survey on sheds, more than 60% of people said they’d be put off buying property that didn’t come with a shed. With this in mind, here are seven of the best garden buildings to choose from if you have limited space…

1. Tiger Bike Shed

Tiger Bike Shed

With its substantial internal storage space and relatively small footprint, the Tiger Bike Shed is ideal for small spaces. If you kids who like to leave their bikes strewn across the lawn, or the cycles are taking up too much space in your garden or yard, or even inside your home, then a bike shed may be the answer – this is a particularly slim garden shed. But as Sam Hartley found out, you can use the Tiger Bike Shed for much more than just storing bikes. Much like Sam, many people with limited space use their bike sheds for general storage – Sam used his to pack away tents and camping equipment, for example. In addition to its small footprint, the Bike Shed’s double doors are wide enough to move things in and out – something you’ll no doubt find useful in a confined space.

2. The Corbetti

Corbetti Log Cabin

In terms of small log cabins, the Corbetti has proven very popular with our customers. Available in sizes as small as 8x8 feet, this log cabin features wide-opening, oversized, extra-large double doors, which makes it easier to move items in and out – and makes it perfect for tight spaces. The Corbetti also boasts a pent roof – a feature known to save space and blend in better to its surroundings. This cabin also provides more height inside, while its huge, fully-glazed double doors let in plenty of natural light. The Corbetti is also versatile. You can use it as an outdoor room, garden office, gym area, or even a summerhouse to enjoy meals with the family.

3. Tiger Mini-Barn

Tiger Mini-Barn

If you’re looking for a mini garden shed with lots of storage or studio space, you won’t do better than the Tiger Mini-Barn. Available as small as 6x8 feet, this building’s barn roof creates impressive interior space. In particular, the extra-high eaves create a large amount of extra vertical space. Of course, this also means it’s easy to stand up inside, which ensures it stands apart from other mini sheds with little practical use.

4. Tiger Workman Apex

Tiger Workman Apex

If your garden/yard isn’t very deep but is quite long – a long garden shed could be the right choice. To be more specific, the Tiger Workman Apex includes double doors on the front (or length side) – offering easy access and lots of space to use as a workshop and/or for storage. The Tiger Workman Apex is available in nine sizes, ranging from 12x6 to 20x10. Like most of our garden buildings, this shed is available with a wealth of upgrades, including wall-mounted shelving, heavy-duty framing, and security options.

5. Tiger Corner Summerhouse

Tiger Corner Summerhouse

If you don’t have a lot of open space in your small garden or yard, a building with standard dimeons may be out of the question. It’s partly for this reason that we designed the Tiger Corner Summerhouse. Available in three sizes – 6x6, 7x7, and 8x8 – this corner building was (quite literally) made for tight-fitting spaces. Meanwhile, its flat roof and extra-high ridge height add plenty of space inside. Plus, it looks great and its unusual shape can make your garden stand out from the rest. Its Georgian windows also add a traditional and very classy look to even the smallest garden.

6. Tiger Shiplap Extra High Pent

Tiger Extra High Pent

In tight-fitting areas, it’s a good idea to make use of vertical space – there’s plenty of room up in the sky, after all. Just as its name suggests, the Shiplap Extra High Pent is… well, extra high. And that’s why you’ll find it in the Tall Sheds section of our website. The extra height is designed to provide lots of inside space, while the tough tongue and groove cladding ensures that it’ll be standing tall for many years  – which is why it comes with a market-leading 20-year guarantee (just like all Tiger garden buildings). The pent roof is another space-saving feature that is ideal for smaller gardens.

7. Tiger Premium Toolshed

Tiger Premium Toolshed

Although nothing like the Tiger Mini-Barn or Shiplap Extra High Pent in many ways, the Tiger Premium Toolshed is arguably worthy of the “Mini Garden Shed” and “Tall Shed” categories. If you’re looking for dedicated tool storage for a small garden, you could do a lot worse than this. Despite its limited floor space, our Premium Toolshed is made from the same high-grade European softwood, as well as durable 12mm shiplap cladding, that you’ll find on all our garden sheds and summerhouses – no cheap OSB chipboard here!

To learn more about our small, tall, and space-saving garden buildings, take a look here.



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