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Guide to Small Corner Garden Buildings

Published: 15/11/2022

The Bengal Corner Cabin | 28mm Log Cabin

Have you got a tight corner in your garden that’s currently a waste of space?   If space is at a premium in your garden but you really want to access all the benefits of owning a small corner garden building, a corner garden shed, corner summerhouse or corner log cabin can help you maximise your garden storage and lifestyle.

The corners of our gardens are often undervalued and underused. Given that this space might not receive a huge amount of sunshine, how about devoting a corner of your garden to a small corner garden building? Trust us, you’ll hardly notice that you've lost any garden space, especially once you start to enjoy your essential storage or entertaining space.

If you can think of a corner in your garden that could fit a small corner wooden building in it, and you want to know just what these convenient structures can do, then read on…

Are small corner sheds any good?

Whether you're interested in adding to your storage space or room to relax by erecting a shed, a carefully selected small corner shed can provide what you need.

For example, the Tiger Deluxe Corner Shed is available in a compact 6'x6' size, allowing it to be easily tucked away in the corner of your garden. This shed's practicality belies its size, and you can enjoy the easy access of extra-large double doors, braced by strong T-hinges. The doors open to a highly durable space, bolstered by high-grade 12mm finish shiplap tongue-and-groove cladding, which is ideal for all types of garden storage and DIY or horticultural activities such as planting and potting.

A picture containing the Tiger Deluxe Corner Shed, tree, grass

The Tiger Deluxe Corner Shed showing off its ample storage space.

Are small corner summerhouses any good?

For something more leisure-focused, the Tiger Corner Summerhouse is available in 6'x6', as well as 7'x7' and 8'x8', and the extra-large Georgian windows on its sides and its expansive double doors make this small corner summerhouse an ideal place to relax. Buyers of small corner garden buildings UK-wide are increasingly looking for multi-purpose spaces, and this summerhouse certainly offers versatility as well as utility.

A picture containing the Tiger Corner Summerhouse in a garden with a tree, outdoor, wooden, wood garden building

The Tiger Corner Summerhouse is a great place to relax and unwind.

A picture containing the Tiger Vista Corner Summerhouse in a garden with tree, grass and plans

The Tiger Vista Corner Summerhouse makes a fantastic office space.

Are small corner log cabins any good?

The Bengal Corner Cabin, which at 10'x10' is not quite as compact but can still be comfortably accommodated in a modest garden space. The design of this cabin is centred on maximising the available space, and it will happily house an L-shaped sofa or a pair of comfy armchairs, along with a table for drinks by the glazed double doors.

A picture containing the Tiger Bengal Corner Log Cabin in a garden with tree, wall garden, outdoor, building, brick

The Bengal Corner Log Cabin makes a great entertaining space or home office.

How do you make the most of a small corner garden building?

Choosing compact furniture is a great way to ensure your corner shed, summerhouse or log cabin doesn't fill up too quickly. Consider deck chairs that fold away if you want to keep your space open to possibilities other than lounging around, and a collapsible table will help to this end, too.

When decorating a corner shed, use the full height of it by hanging plants and ornaments from the ceiling. Consider hanging a mirror on one of the walls to bounce light around the space and make it feel even more roomy.

Finally, another great interior design idea for enhancing compact spaces is painting the interior of your garden building a lighter colour than the exterior. This gives the impression of additional space and, when combined with some of the ideas mentioned above, can help you create a wonderfully welcoming space to enjoy all year round.

Tiger has a great range of corner sheds, summerhouses and log cabins to suit your needs. With a 20 year guarantee, our customers can enjoy their investment for many years to come. 

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