Quirky Garden Sheds

Published: 14/12/2022

Tiger Potting Shed Exterior with Windows in Garden setting with bunting and table and chairs

Quirky shed designs come in all shapes and sizes these days, as manufacturers respond to the wide-ranging demand for unusual and interesting shed designs across the UK and beyond.

Maybe you think of traditional sheds where you just ‘store your stuff’… well, not anymore…erase that thought from your mind!  Whilst it’s true garden sheds offer fantastic storage; a shed can be so much more than this! It can be a focal point in your garden where you can express yourself and increase the value of your property at the same time.  With a little bit of creative thinking, you can transform your garden building into a fantastic masterpiece.  

In this article we'll look at some stand-out, modern shed designs that satisfy niche interests and requirements, that allow shed owners to let their imaginations run wild when it comes to the style, purpose, and all-round vibe of their shed.

Creative Shed Ideas

With many years in the shed business, we have noticed that our customers find their own ways to turn standard shed products into fully customised, shed creations.

For example, the Tiger Potting Shed Plus, with its extra-high ridge height and multiple large, angled windows, has been adapted in all sorts of ways beyond its original intended purpose of providing ample light for the careful business of potting plants. The extra light that pours into the potting shed makes it highly suited as an art studio, a space for handicrafts, and as a reading room. The addition of a few soft furnishings and a desk can make a huge difference to the feel of a shed originally designed for horticulture.

Tiger Potting Shed Garden Art Studio with Workbench and Chair

The Tiger Elite Pressure Treated Octagonal Full Pane shed is one of the best sheds on sale today, with its unique design and tanalised timber. If you're into design that harks back to the past while forging something bold and contemporary, the antique hinges and simulated slate roof of this shed may well appeal to you. 

Tiger Elite Pressure Treated Octagonal Full Pane shed on  garden deck with plants

Our team of shed design innovators have also come up with a quirky solution to an all-too-common problem with garden sheds: SPIDERS! The Spider Proof Shed is the world's first and only certified* shed that has been specifically designed to keep spiders out!  Created by eliminating the tiny nooks and crannies that creepy crawlies tend to enter by. The shed comes with a scientifically proven spider-repellent lining paper, and an all-important 'no spiders allowed' sign, to make it absolutely clear who is not welcome inside. Windows made from toughened glass also help to keep this quirky shed secure.

Quirky Shed Image Gallery

Tiger Spider Proof Shed Illustration

The world's first and only certified Spider Proof Shed!

The Tiger Potting Shed Plus has a design that lends itself to more than just working with plants.

Tiger Potting Shed in garden with bunting and garden furniture

The Sumatran Shelter with hot tub in garden setting

The Sumatran Shelter | 44mm Log Cabin (for BBQs, Hot Tubs or Cars)

Tiger Alpha Barb with windows and double doors in garden with tools and workbench

The Alpha Barn | 28mm Log Cabin

Decorating Your Shed

You can really go wild and let your personality and individuality sing when it comes to decorating your shed.  Choose from striking tiles and an array of special shed paints, to warm flooring and window dressings.  There’s so much you can do when you think outside the box.

Tiger Vista Corner Summerhouse painted in green with tiled walls and hot tub

8x8 Tiger Vista Corner Summerhouse

Tiger Corner Summerhouse painted in blue and cream in garden with flowers

Tiger Corner Summerhouse

Tiger Corbetti log cabin converted to garden bar with bar, table, chairs and bar props

Corbetti Log Cabin 

Tiger Shiplap Pent Shed painted in green and white stripes

Tiger Shiplap Pent Shed | Wooden Shiplap Sheds | Tiger Sheds

Tiger Retreat Contemporary Summerhouse interior with brick wallpaper, seating and TV

Tiger Retreat Contemporary Summerhouse | Wooden Summer House | Tiger Sheds

From painting a landscape on your shed's exterior to match its surroundings, to giving your shed a makeover in the style of a gingerbread house – the only limit is your imagination (and your patience when it comes to painting it, of course!).

Adding unusual items inside your shed can also work wonders in creating a quirky feel. You could try floor cushions around a low round table for a continental vibe, place a hammock in there for the ultimate in relaxation, or even install a hot tub if your shed has enough room.

Our advice to anyone creating a quirky shed is to follow your heart. After all, owning a shed is all about creating a space that works for you, so be bold, be a trendsetter, and be as quirky as you like! 

Tiger Corner Summerhouse painted in purple in garden with comfy seating

Tiger Corner Summerhouse painted in pink and cream sat on gravel in garden with furniture

Tiger Corner Summerhouse

Tiger Wooden Garage on driveway with paiinted design

Tiger Wooden Garage | Garden Shed Garages | Tiger Sheds

Let your creative juices run wild and create a truly unique and personal garden space with Tiger.

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