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How to Turn your Garden Shed into a Home Gym

Published: 20/07/2018

Staying in shape is an important way to stay healthy. Yes, round may be a shape, but that wasn't quite what we meant...

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In Britain, half of people who made a 2017 New Year's Resolution pledged to lose weight (48%), and, close behind, 41% of people wanted to improve their fitness and increase their exercise. While it seems like many of us have good intentions by joining the gym, a study of 1000 people found that 11% hadn't been to the gym in a year, and 21% had only been three times - despite having paid for an annual membership. Why? Well, a quarter of respondents stated that their gym was 'too busy'. And after a full day of work, it can be hard to drag yourself out of your house to travel to the gym. Not only does absence at the gym hinder our goals, it costs money, too. The same study revealed that a massive £558 million was lost on unused gym memberships.

What about a home gym?

While a home gym would be the perfect choice for many, it can be expensive. It may seem like it's not an option for those who don't have the space or can't afford to extend. However, there is another way. For less than the price of an annual gym membership, you could transform your garden shed, summerhouse or log cabin into your very own home gym. No commuting, no sweaty socks in your car, no queuing for equipment and no pricey gym contracts.

Getting started

If you don't already have a garden building, the first step is to purchase one. An important factor to consider is the size. You'll want to make sure that your building has sufficient space for your chosen equipment, as well as easy access for placing machines inside. Double-door buildings provide easier access when carrying machinery and opening windows are perfect for ventilation, as well as a refreshing breeze after a workout. Have a look at our buying guides for useful information before buying a garden shed, summerhouse or log cabin. A more robust building, such as a log cabin, would be better for heavy equipment. Ensure that you have a solid, durable base - a concrete base is recommended if you'll be housing large machinery. If you're more into floor exercises, a large shed would be sufficient. Consider the necessary height as well as the required floor space - there's no point saving up for a stepper if you're going to bump your head on the ceiling after every step.

Setting up, stepping up

Image Credit: Pexels

If you're going to be lifting heavy weights in your gym, you should consider using protective rubber tiling. This will help to absorb the shock of any dropped weights and prevent damage to the floor. They're also simple to clean and provide easy-to-install insulation. If you're using a shed and would like to work out in your gym year-round, insulation is recommended for the walls, roof and/or floor. When setting up your home gym, you'll need to think about how you're going to power it. Any electrical equipment will need a power supply, and this is a task that should be discussed with a qualified electrician. If you've not yet erected your garden building and you plan on powering it, it'd be good to think about where would be a convenient location within reach of your mains electricity.

Getting your equipment

Image Credit: Pexels

Now comes the fun part - choosing exactly what kind of gym you want! If you want to focus on cardio, look for treadmills, steppers, exercise bikes and cross trainers. If you want a Pilates, yoga or dance studio, make sure you have mirrors and mats. Those looking to tone up should stock up on weights. Want a bit of everything? Make a multi-purpose workout sanctuary with different stations. Though you might think this all sounds expensive, you can get used equipment for great prices. Try sites like Freecycle and FreeAds, where you can sometimes find gym equipment that won't cost you anything, as long as you can collect. If you're tight on space or on a budget, a mat and some workout videos on your laptop can be all you need.

Keeping it secure

Image Credit: Pexels

You'll want to keep the contents of your gym out of view to reduce the risk of opportunistic theft. Curtains are great for concealing the contents of your building, and can also fit your chosen decor theme. Ensure you keep your building locked when not in use. Though some buildings come with a high security lock, others may not, so be sure to check. Padlocks and hasp and staples are perfect for improving security. Have a look at security options to keep your garden building safe and secure.

In conclusion

You can make your gym anything you want it to be. Whether you're looking to bulk up or shed some pounds, you can make the space that's perfect for your training needs. If you're feeling motivated, check out our great range of sheds, summerhouses and log cabins - ideal for starting your fitness adventure.

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