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Five Ideas for Your Garden Pod

Published: 18/12/2022

Tiger Amur Log Cabin with shelter porch, glazed windows and door

What is an Outdoor Garden Pod? 

In the last few years there has been a meteoric rise in the use of garden pods as an extra space to work, rest and play at home.

When you think of a contemporary garden pod you probably imagine a space age spherical structure which doesn’t necessarily offer usable or practical space and at eye-watering prices!

Traditional timber pods, however, have been around for years and come in all shapes sizes and are largely made from timber to provide a useful solution to give you an extra room in your garden. Stylish, comfortable, and fully kitted out, garden pods are like no shed you’ve ever seen. Packed with potential, pods are taking the idea of garden buildings in an exciting new direction that focuses on contemporary design and technological advances in energy efficiency.

Insulated Garden Pods

Insulation is the key to making a garden building a comfortable space to be in all year-round.  In simple terms, insulation slows down the loss and gain of building heat.  This means that well insulated garden pods take less energy to heat or cool throughout the year making it a comfortable space to spend time in.

You can look at some space saving garden pod insulation products here.

If you’re interested in how a garden pod could change the way you live and use your outdoor space, we’ve put together this list of five inspirational uses for your garden pod so you can leave that draughty old outbuilding in the past, where it belongs.

Clara log cabin in garden on patio with potted plants and grass

 Clara Log Cabin | 44mm Garden Log Cabins | Tiger Sheds

1. Back Garden Office Pod

Providing us with a great office space, garden pods have been shown to lift our moods thanks to an abundance of natural light, while effective insulation can reduce noise pollution and regulate the temperature inside the garden building to keep you comfortable all year round.  These factors are essential for maintaining concentration and productivity at work unlike traditional cramped, dark and open-plan office spaces which have always struggled with this.

Sigma log cabin from Tiger in garden with veranda, double doors

 Sigma Log Cabin | 44mm Garden Log Cabins | Tiger Sheds 

2. Garden Bar Pod

Whether you’re picturing yourself proudly polishing glasses in a sleepy little pub or you’re up and dancing on the bar with your best mates, a garden pod can help you make these dreams a reality – and it can all be possible right at the bottom of your garden!

The Sigma Log Cabin features plenty of space for your guests to gather inside and out, with a stylish four-foot-deep veranda that’ll keep the party going, whatever the weather. As the night draws in, you’re going to want to keep the lights on. Hooking your garden pod bar up to the power is a great idea but not necessarily something to attempt yourself, so be sure to check out our in-depth guide to powering up garden buildings first.

Tiger Corbetti log cabin garden bar with double doors on patio and garden furniture

Corbetti Log Cabin

3. Garden Pods for Sleeping In

Tiger Gamma log cabin in garden with open glass double doors and window

 Gamma Log Cabin | 44mm Log Cabins | Tiger Sheds

Something we’re seeing more and more of is our customers treating their garden buildings quite literally as an extension of their home. Unlike your old sheds and summer houses, our garden pods are built with 44mm thick, slow-grown and pressure-treated European timber to create a large garden room that can easily be made comfortable and secure enough to sleep in.

What is Slow Grown Wood?

As the name suggests, slow-grow, harder wood is from trees that have grown more slowly, rather than fast growing, softer wood.  Generally, the lifespan of a tree has a radical effect on the quality of the wood produced.  A longer, slow-grown tree has increased density that makes it more suitable for all kinds of uses, for both indoors and outdoors, including wood for garden buildings including garden sheds, log cabins and summerhouses.

Using the good stuff can also make your life a lot easier, as slow grown material has much less tendency to twist, warp, or bend than fast grown material.

So, why not invite family and friends to stay over at your place in style? Rather than the sofa bed or the lumpy old futon, offer them their own private garden getaway instead. 

With plenty of customisation options available, from paint colour and roofing finishes to tough double glazing there are so many options available to make your garden space your own!

Check out the TigerFlex® range that features garden sheds, summerhouses and log cabins. Not only does this range come with faster, next-day delivery, but these outstanding modular garden pods will let you choose where to put the doors and windows for extra flexibility.  So, you can really design your own space to suit your garden and your needs entirely.

We wouldn’t blame you for booking in a staycation for yourself!

4. Garden Studio Pod

Got a passion for painting but nowhere to start your masterpiece? Born to be the next Jimi Hendrix but worried about annoying the neighbours? Well, a garden pod could be just what you need to truly unleash your inner artist.

Contemporary garden pod designs like The Thurber are here to switch off the distractions of the outside world so you can concentrate on your artistic vision. With a distinct barn-style roof that maximises headroom giving a great feeling of space and charm, this garden pod could well be the key to unlocking your creative potential. 

Tiger The Thurber log cabin presented as workshop with fitted kitchen, sink with double doors and windows

 The Thurber | 44mm Log Cabin | Tiger Sheds

5. Garden Spa Pod

For many people, their gardens are a means of finding some precious peace and quiet amongst the hustle and bustle of daily life. If relaxing is your thing, or if you’re desperately in need of some TLC, why not treat yourself to your very own garden spa?

Tiger Sumatra shelter log cabin with hot tub in garden setting

 Sumatran Shelter Log Cabin | 44mm Log Cabins for BBQs | Tiger Sheds | Tiger Sheds

Whether you’re imagining a hot tub temple or dreaming of drifting off in an enclosed garden pod like The Lakra, your dream of a secret garden spa or home beauty salon is more real than you might think. Purchase your pod, get the experts in to hook up the power and water, and then decorate to Zen perfection. 

All that’s left to do now is enjoy your own private bliss…I suppose you could eventually let your friends and family in too, but only when you’re ready.

Garden Pod Lowdown

If you’re still after some garden pod ideas, check out our garden pod inspiration page where we showcase our customers’ imaginative and innovative transformations of their garden pods and log cabins.

Tiger Corner Summerhouse painted in cream and pale pink in garden setting with gravel, table and chairs

Raring to get your garden building underway? Fantastic news! There are a few things we recommend you do…

  • Make sure you have enough space. You’ll need at least one metre around the entire garden pod to make assembly and maintenance easy.
  • It’s worth checking with your local authority about whether you’ll need planning permission as garden pods can be considerably bigger than your average garden shed.
  • If space is looking tight or you’re not sure where to put your garden pod, it’s a good idea to consult a landscape gardener as they’ll be able to offer you advice and help arrange your garden to accommodate a garden pod safely and securely.
  • Garden pods are heavy, so we recommend using a solid foundation or support structure to prevent your pod from sinking into the ground over time. Fortunately, a good landscape gardener will know all about this too.
  • And finally…give your new garden pod a good lick of preserver. We want your garden pod to last you a lifetime, so we highly recommend using the TigerSkin® Wood Protector treatment which comes in a great range of colours. Simply preserve your pod to protect it straight away and give it a fresh coat every year to keep it in mint condition, year after year.

Tiger Shed interior shown with couch, soft furnishings, table and rug

We’re so proud of our sustainably-sourced timber and our TigerSkin® preserver that we include a 20-year guarantee as standard on every Tiger garden building you purchase.





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